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25 Coffee Roasters that Source Sustainable Ingredients

25 Coffee Roasters that Source Sustainable Ingredients
Attention all coffee lovers! Have you ever wondered where you might be able to buy from brands that are delicious, organic and fair to the coffee farmers they work with?

Here are 25 prominent coffee roasters that are certified USDA Organic, FairTrade and Rainforest Alliance.

  1. Equal Exchange

Kicking off our list is Equal Exchange, a supplier based in West Bridgewater, Maine. They have a wide range of products on sale such as organic whole bean, breakfast blend, French roast and more.

The company’s mission is to foster long-lasting relationships between their farmers that are economically just and environmentally friendly. Empowering both farmers and consumers, they are truly a sustainable coffee roaster.


  1. Balnes

From Sabaell in Spain, Balnes is a supplier that strives to be a leader of sustainable coffee with their premium quality. They offer a range of products including their Ristretto capsules, ground French roast, dark roast and Ethiopia roast.

Committed to protecting the environment, they work with the best farmers in the world and take care at every stage from grain selection, roasting to packaging.


  1. Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee in Saratoga Springs started out as a small coffee shop with big dreams to create the perfect blend. With an apt name, they claim to be the “world’s strongest coffee”. They provide delicious and organic coffee such as their ground coffee and their Death Cups.

Proceed with caution, as their coffee is “highly addictive”!

  1. Igacu

From Brazil, Igacu is a world leading coffee roaster in both innovation and sustainability. They supply their Rainforest Alliance certified coffee to more than 50 countries. With the environment at the centre of their values, they practice sustainable methods such as proper waste control and water conservation.

  1. Bewley’s Tea and Coffee

From humble beginnings on Dublin’s Sycamore Street to their tourist attraction cafe on Grafton Street, Bewley’s have been perfecting their tea and coffee for many decades.

They procure a wide selection of Fairtrade teas and coffees including green, lemongrass, ginger and peppermint teas and coffee brands such as Grumpu Mule, Eros an BE.

  1. Caffe Nero

Caffe Nero started in the U.K with nothing more than a passion for coffee and an aspiration to create traditional Italian coffee. After years of consistency and growing one coffee, their cafés are now neighbourhood meeting spots all over Europe.

Continuing to invest in hard work and sustainability, they are devoted to delivering the highest standards of quality from bean to cup.


  1. Café Direct

Café Direct is a U.K supplier that has integrated sustainability into their strategy from the get-go. They are proud to say that they are the U.K’s largest Fair Trade brand, enriching the lives of many all over the world.

They provide an enticing range of coffee’s such as their Kili Manjaro, Machu Picchu and Mayan Gold blends.

  1. Fine Foods International

Another supplier from the U.K, Fine Foods International is a world class coffee roaster sharing their expertise with the world. They have years of experience sourcing the best Arabica and Robusta beans from all over the world.

They supply organic roast and ground blends, coffee beans, pods, coffee bags and hot chocolate.

  1. Finlays

Finlays is a world-leading B2B supplier of coffee to brand owners all over the world. Their aim is to grow their coffee beans sustainably by serving as the industry’s most trusted and transparent leader. They hope to reach 100% traceable sourcing by 2022.

Their comprehensive range of coffee includes roast and ground, green coffee as well as soluble and instant.

  1.  Jacob Douwe Egberts UK

Based in Berkshire, Jacob Douwe Egberts is British out-of-home coffee business that strives to maintain their position in sustainable coffee production. They supply organic instant coffee, espresso beans, roast and ground coffee and coffee capsules. All of which are Rainforest Alliance certified.

They also offer industry expertise to help brands achieve the best coffee experience for their business. They believe that collaboration is an essential part of taking responsibility as brand owners in moving towards sustainable development.

  1. Lavazza Coffee UK

For the last 120 years Lavazza Coffee has pursued quality and innovation. This British supplier works directly with farming communities in Africa, Asia and Central and South America. This helps small coffee producers with working conditions, local economy and environmental coffee.

This smooth-tasting Italian coffee comes available in roast and ground, compatible capsules, coffee beans and instant coffee.

  1. Masteroast Coffee

With over 30 years of experience, Masteroast Coffee is another British coffee roaster that packs a punch with their organic coffee. Masteroast is an independently owned coffee roasting and packing facility that sources from farms worldwide.

They adhere to strict quality standards with state of the art testing equipment and quality controllers. They offer an extensive range of products from almost every coffee producing country.


  1. Matthew Algie

A well-established company since 1864, Matthew Algie is a British supplier that has certainly been around the block. They provide coffee that is delicious, top-quality and most importantly, sustainable.

Striving to maintain ethical standards, they provide a wide range of nutty, smooth, fruity and dark blends.


  1. Ringtons

Having started out as a small family business in Newcastle in 1907, Ringtons now delivers to customers’ doorsteps all over the U.K. They have a wide range of organic coffee products to suit every coffee lover such as Arabica and Robusta blends, premium roast and coffee beans.

They provide up-scale cafés, restaurants, hotels and people’s homes with their organic, freshly roast coffee.

  1. Taylor of Harrogate

Taylor of Harrogate is an independent family-run business dedicated to sourcing coffee based on quality and establishing deep-relationships with their growers. This British supplier pays sustainable prices for their coffee, ensuring that production costs are covered.

Their buyers regularly visit the farms that supply their coffee, earning them a strong partnership with the Rainforest Alliance certification scheme.


  1. Coffein Compagnie

German supplier Coffein Compagnie specializes in decaffeinated coffees and is proud to supply the finest coffee to customers worldwide.

Whilst meeting with quality and sustainability certifications at their customers request, they also provide streamed coffees and speciality green coffees from Colombia.

  1. Deutsche Extrakt Kaffee

Founded in Hamburg in 1955, Deutsche Extrakt Kaffee is now one of the most prominent soluble coffee producers in the retail brand sector. They offer Rainforest Alliance certified delicious instant coffee including their cappuccino and latte macchiato.


  1. Illycaff

We’re sure that you’ve seen Illycaff in a café near you at some stage or another. This hugely influential supplier is known and adored in five continents for their unmistakable velvet taste.

Made of a gorgeous blend of nine types of Arabica coffee, the business also extends to authentic Italian cafés. Illy Caffé is an international network made up of skilled baristas, promoting the spread of quality coffee.

The company was also the first in the world to obtain the “Responsible Supply Chain Process” certification.

  1. J.Th. Douqué’s Koffie

J.Th. Douqué’s Koffie is a Dutch supplier that is dedicated to importing and exporting high quality green coffees. Taking care of their logistics, they buy their coffee in countries of origin and ensure that is is delivered to customers in perfect condition. They source from Central and South America, Africa and Asia.


  1. Swiss Water

This Canadian coffee roaster pursues the craft of outstanding coffee without the caffeine. Swiss Water began producing in small batches, gently removing caffeine in a 100% chemical free process.

With a sustainable approach to coffee, this supplier’s goals for a better cup of coffee goes far beyond decaffeination. Rainforest Alliance certified, they contribute to water conservation and as well as the health of the farmers that grow their coffee.

  1. Tchibo

For the last 60 years, Tchibo has gone the extra mile to achieve freshness and quality in the coffee market. The Germany company has now grown to be an international distributor of irresistible organic coffee.

As well as serving their Tchibo coffee bars, their objective is to do business in a fair and sustainable way and encourage their customers to integrate sustainability into their everyday lives.

  1. Touton Specialities

Touton Specialities is based in Hamburg and is dedicated to importing specialty green coffee. Even though they are a small team of five,  they have grown to supply coffee roasters all over Europe.

They stand for transparency and quality, knowing exactly where their coffee beans are picked and sharing this information with their customers.

  1. Sucafina Group

Sucafina Group is a conscious coffee roaster that helps to build a sustainable supply chain of other roasters and producers. Based in Switzerland, they specialize in selecting and importin the finest green coffee beans.

Certified by the Rainforest Alliance, they actively seek out coffee buyers and suppliers at every level of the process, from selection to roast.


  1. ED&F Man

ED&F Man is an employee-owned agricultural group that trades arabica and robusta coffee globally. Based in Costa Rica, they trade with over 5,500 people in 50 different countries.

This is a supplier that is passionate about sustainability, limiting their impact on the environment and actively support the farming communities that they work with.

  1. Cacique

Coming to the end of our list is Brazilian supplier, Cacique. Their vision is to be a world leader in the manufacture of instant coffee. Present in over 70 countries, they are Brazil’s leading producer and exporter of instant coffee as well as being Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance certified.

They ensure that their coffee’s origin is chemical free, and also respecting the environment and its workers.

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