3 Sustainable, Minority-Owned Fashion Brands to Know

3 Sustainable

The sustainable fashion industry, like the fashion industry generally, has for too long had a history of exclusivity toward People of Color (POC). However, many POC designers have stepped up anyway, and their work is helping to redefine and reshape an industry. 
Back Beat Co.
Back Beat Co.(1) | #Back Beat Co. | has an effortlessly-cool California girl vibe. Small wonder: it started as a vintage T-shirt shop, and became a sustainable fashion brand that takes its cues from California surf and skate culture.
Founder Isadora Alvarez wanted to use fabrics with a lower impact on the environment while still maintaining the “cool” factor California girls are known for.
Back Beat Co.’s pieces are straightforward, clean, easy to wear—and never boring. The company also prioritizes the ethical and social responsibility of every aspect of creating, producing, and selling clothes before profit margins. This means having higher standards and expectations for quality, working conditions during manufacture, even the packaging.
Proclaim(2) | #Proclaim | is an inclusive lingerie line, known for their inclusive nude lingerie. Indeed, they have worked to expand the definition of “nude,” one ethically-made bra at a time.
Founder Shobha Philips was tired of never being able to find a “nude” that matched her skin tone. Not only did she succeed in creating inclusive nude lingerie, she did so using recycled plastic bottles.
Proclaim’s unique, cut-out bra designs are made of super-soft fabric, all of it made from 100% post-consumer plastic water bottles.
EDAS(3) | #EDAS | is a New York City-based brand that uses unusual home-goods and refurbished elements in its accessory collection. Designer Sade Mims created this brand with an aesthetic of innovative and feminine pieces: bags, jewelry, and home objects, all tailored for the everyday, eclectic woman.
The company creates every piece of jewelry by hand, and takes pride in seeing the individual aesthetic of each craftsperson within its pieces. The company signature is making each item one of a kind, uniquely tailored to the wearer.
Back Beat Co. website | https://backbeat.co/pages/about |
Proclaim website | https://www.wearproclaim.com/pages/about |
EDAS website | https://edas.store/pages/about |

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