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5 Organic Kombucha Brands You Haven’t Heard Of

5 Organic Kombucha Brands You Haven't Heard Of

Organic kombucha brands
Kombucha starts as a mix of teas, usually green and/or black teas, along with sweetener – usually cane sugar. This sweetened tea is turned into a magically tangy, fizzy drink thanks to a colony of health-promoting, probiotic bacteria, and yeast that ferments the kombucha and transforms it.
There’s no reason not to make kombucha with organic tea and other organic ingredients. Here are 5 organic kombucha brands you might not have heard of but will definitely want to try if you love kombucha and all things organic!
Urban Farm Fermentory
Located in Portland, Maine, Urban Farm Fermentory(1) ( #Urban Farm Fermentory ) brews their kombucha from organic green and black tea, mixed with organic evaporated cane sugar. They take this mixture and add it to their heirloom kombucha culture, or Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBY).
Urban Farm Fermentory’s kombucha flavors include Chaga Chai, a mixture of wild-foraged Maine Chaga mushrooms and chai tea; Elderberry, a fall and winter special; Ginger Root; Turmeric; Ghost Chili Pepper, and Toasted Oak.
KrafTea Kombucha
Worcester, Massachusetts-based KrafTea Kombucha(2) ( #KrafTea Kombucha ) packs a bit more punch than most kombuchas: it contains a small amount of natural alcohol, usually about 2% ABV.
Made from KrafTea’s own special blend of sweetened organic tea, KrafTea Kombucha undergoes a few weeks of fermentation with a kombucha culture before receiving additional flavorings: ginger juice, more organic teas, etc.
The reason KrafTea contains a small amount of alcohol is particularly interesting: because KrafTea wants to maximize the number of vitamins and probiotics, they do not modify or filter their kombucha after fermentation, which also accounts for the mild alcohol content in the finished product.
Katalyst Kombucha
Based in Greenfield, Massachusetts, Katalyst Kombucha(3) ( #Katalyst Kombucha ) is a traditional kombucha brewer making use of organic tea and organic cane sugar to brew good-tasting and potent kombucha.
Katalyst Kombucha flavors include Bliss Berry, made with organic blueberry juice and organic ginger root; Green Lovin’, made with organic kombucha tea and blue-green algae and cordyceps mushrooms; Ginger Devotion, made from Kauai Organic Farms organic ginger; Jasmine, made with fairly-traded organic jasmine green tea, and Shizandraberry, made with organic schizandra berry from Chang Farm in Whatley, Massachusetts.
Aqua ViTea Kombucha
Located in Middlebury, Vermont, Aqua ViTea(4) ( #Aqua ViTea ) uses organic green and black teas and a variety of fruit and herbal flavors. From the beginning, Aqua ViTea was founded on ideas of sustainability and environmental awareness.
Aqua ViTea flavors include Blood Orange (sweet and tangy), BlueBernie (fruity and tart), Elderberry (fruity and mild), Ginger (spicy and bold), Hibiscus Ginger Lime (floral and bright), Peachmint (juicy and crisp), and Strawberry Sage (fruity and soft), among others.
Located in Oceanside, California, Suja(5) ( #Suja ) is a manufacturer of juice and kombuchas. Suja kombuchas are organic and non-GMO, verified non-alcoholic, and with no artificial flavors. They also feature adaptogens, including Ashwaganda and Reishi.
Suja flavors include Ginger Lemon, Green Apple, Mixed Berries, Peach Ginger, Raspberry Pomegranate, and Pineapple Passionfruit.   
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