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7 Eco Friendly Rugs For All The Soft Sustainable Feels | Sustainable Fashion

Let’s beat the dirt and toxins out of our homes and replace those planet-killing Persians with sustainable and eco friendly rugs instead.  Image by Ocelot Market #ecofriendlyrugs #sustainablerugs #sustainablejungle

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Sorry to pull the rug out from underneath you but that thing you’re standing on might be ruining what we’re all standing on. 

Comfy rugs may feel nice to the touch but they have anything but a soft footprint on the planet. 94% of rugs today are made from plastic, like polypropylene—which can be potentially toxic, especially when kept inside. Not to mention their treatment of dirt and moisture resistant chemicals.

Let’s beat the dirt and toxins out of our homes and replace those planet-killing Persians with sustainable and eco friendly rugs instead. 

We unravel our rug picking process at the bottom of the article, but for now, let’s stop tip-toe-ing around and start with the best eco friendly rugs that cover their bases.

For unique and culturally diverse ways to dress up a floor, Ocelot Market is a must see. Ten Thousand Villages turns black into green with their natural fiber fair trade rugs, and we’re la-la for Loomy’s recycled organic rugs. 

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  • Loomy
  • Ten Thousand Villages
  • Coyuchi
  • Burrow
  • Made Trade
  • Rawganique

Let’s beat the dirt and toxins out of our homes and replace those planet-killing Persians with sustainable and eco friendly rugs instead.  Image by Ocelot Market #ecofriendlyrugs #sustainablerugs #sustainablejungle
Image by Ocelot Market

Ocelot Market is undoubtedly one of our favorite places for ethical online shopping, all thanks to its model that respects and supports the talented global artisans with whom they work. 

Responsible shopping has never been easier (or more fun) with OM. From Turkish shoes and statement-piece jewelry to homewares and clothing, you’ll undoubtedly find something that tickles your fancy.

Meanwhile, tickle your feet with their impressive selection of everything from eco friendly area rugs to eco friendly bath rugs. Ocelot Market has something to suit any style, room, and price.


As a marketplace representing almost 100 artisans and small businesses, there are a plethora of materials used. Here are a few standouts:

For the budget-conscious, we liked Zig Zag Asian Collection’s Upcycled Mandala Mat, made of cotton and polyester fabric scraps. 

They also have ethical wool rugs, made from either organically dyed virgin wool,  recycled wool, or angora goat mohair. 

For more unusual materials, they carry an organic rug made of Tikog grass and buri palm leaves (pictured). 

Supply chain & labor practices:

Again, with almost a hundred brands, OM’s sourcing can get complicated, which is why we’re glad they’re personally vetted each and every one for fair labor standards. This means (usually) localized supply chains, living wages, respect for traditional techniques, and beyond wage support for artisan families.

Beyond that, some are fair trade certified, women or POC-owned, and/or made in the USA.

Green business practices:

Almost everything sold on the OM platform is made using materials that are either locally-sourced, natural, or upcycled. By promoting traditional handcrafting and even made-to-order practices, over production risk is minimized. 

Community & charitable giving:

Not only do 99% of OM’s profits go back into the marketplace model that helps to support their artisan partners, but they also donate a tree for every single purchase. 

Available: Ocelot Market

Let’s beat the dirt and toxins out of our homes and replace those planet-killing Persians with sustainable and eco friendly rugs instead.  Image by Loomy #ecofriendlyrugs #sustainablerugs #sustainablejungle
Image by Loomy

Enabling consumers to buy ethical rugs directly from the artisans themselves, Loomy is “the right way to rug.” 

Whether you’re in need of a few eco friendly runner rugs or a decorative eco friendly rug for your living room, Loomy offers a dedicated range of sustainable rugs.


Instead of plastic, Loomy opts for natural, recycled, or eco-friendly man-made materials.  

Expect to see some of the following when you look through Loomy’s rug range: ethically sourced New Zealand wool, jute, cotton, hemp, and banana silk—all of which are 100% biodegradable at the end of their life.

They also have some eco friendly outdoor rugs that are made from recycled plastic water bottles. 

Loomy also only uses Oeko-Tex certified materials and low-impact dyes. 

Supply chain & labor practices:

From “loom to room” the brand is backed up by a transparent supply chain across the indigenous community of weavers with whom they work.

Green business practices:

More than 2% of American landfills are made up of rugs. Loomy is attempting to change this by making eco-conscious and quality products that will end up in your room, not in a landfill. 

Loomy rugs prioritize meticulous handcrafting. The skilled small-batch manufacturing takes time, but ensures your rug will last many years.

They also offer custom orders and complimentary rug styling so get exactly the rug you want.

Available: Loomy

Let’s beat the dirt and toxins out of our homes and replace those planet-killing Persians with sustainable and eco friendly rugs instead.  Image by Ten Thousand Villages #ecofriendlyrugs #sustainablerugs #sustainablejungle
Image by Ten Thousand Villages

We could say thousands of positive things about Ten Thousand Villages, but that would take a minute. 

Just know this brand uses a unique “maker-to-market” model that effectively cuts out the middleman. By doing so, they maximise artisan’s wages. This helps continue crafting traditions and break the cycle of generational poverty.

Then there’s their range. As one of the best ethical alternatives to Amazon, Ten Thousand Villages covers nearly all shopping needs—games, gifts, supplies for the kitchen, bathroom, and office, jewelry, and home decor (including ethical rugs). 

They also offer a few budget eco friendly rugs.


TTV’s sustainable eco friendly rugs utilize natural and recycled fabrics like cotton, jute, and upcycled saris.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Better than fair trade, TTV converses with their artisans to make sure what they’re receiving for their work isn’t enough to just keep them afloat, but will contribute to sustainable business practices. 

Over the last 25 years, they’ve supported 20,000 artisans in more than 30 developing countries, many of whom are women, people with disabilities, and others typically excluded from the global economy.

Green business practices:

TTV prefers to work with brands with energy-efficient workshops, small supply chains to minimize shipping emissions, and those that prioritize recycled, renewable, and locally sourced materials. Beyond that, they help their artisans grow into thriving sustainable businesses. 

Community & charitable giving:

TTV supports their artisan communities, but sometimes they like a little help, by giving shoppers the option to donate more to provide microloans to ensure additional livelihood opportunities for their workers. 

Available: Ten Thousand Villages

Let’s beat the dirt and toxins out of our homes and replace those planet-killing Persians with sustainable and eco friendly rugs instead.  Image by Coyuchi #ecofriendlyrugs #sustainablerugs #sustainablejungle
Image by Coyuchi

If Coyuchi sounds familiar it’s because we weren’t coy in bragging about their range of climate positive robes, towels, and sustainable sleepwear.

The Californian brand is one of our favorites for their choice of natural fibers and nature-inspired range of organic bathroom rugs and mats. Do your feet a favor and look at their Pebbled Chenille shaggy eco friendly rug.


When you step out of the shower, your feet won’t hit the cold, hard floor—instead, they’ll gracefully land on a 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton bath rug.

Okay, we can’t guarantee the graceful part but we can guarantee your carbon footprint will feel a little lighter. 

Each organic bath rug saves more than 2,000 days of drinking water and 195 square feet of pesticide-treated farmland.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Their organic cotton is sourced from India, where some of it is woven (or Turkey) before it reaches the final step in manufacturing, taking place in Portugal. 

Coyuchi has several certifications to back up their fair trade claims. They also provide financial support to a worker-managed Community Development Fund for their farmers and weavers to better their overall quality of life. 

Green business practices:

Coyuchi epitomizes a “green” business. They use Earth-conscious manufacturing practices (and recycle 98% of their water in their Portuguese factory) and offer Climate Beneficial products (including their scarves and gloves) grown using carbon sequestering farming.

They have a 2nd Home program where old Coyuchi linens can be returned to them (for a discount) before being recycled into new products. You can purchase these recycled items from The Renewal Workshop

Shipping materials consist of organic cotton bags and FSC certified recycled cardboard boxes. 

Community & charitable giving:

Through their membership with 1% for the Planet, Coyuchi contributes a portion of annual revenue to the regenerative agriculture programs, Fibershed and nutrition%20and%20resiliency%20of%20plant%20and%20animal%20production.” target=”_blank”>White Buffalo Land Trust. 

Available: Coyuchi

Let’s beat the dirt and toxins out of our homes and replace those planet-killing Persians with sustainable and eco friendly rugs instead.  Image by Burrow #ecofriendlyrugs #sustainablerugs #sustainablejungle
Image by Burrow

When friends Stephen and Kabeer were feeling dissatisfied with flimsy couches, they decided to make their own: Burrow. They developed a business model that cuts out the middleman, making durable couches that are better for everyone in the supply chain.

We’ve already burrowed into Burrow’s sustainable couches, but now we need a rug to put them on. 

Burrow makes that easy with their large ethical area rugs (and rug pads for underneath the rug). From fashion-forward geometric patterns to classic grey speckles, you’ll find something to feng shui your favorite room.


Burrow’s website curates their sustainable rug range to match your values. You can see right off the bat which rugs have been made with recycled materials, wool, or natural materials. Sustainably speaking, the 100% wool Empire Rug is best because it’s 100% biodegradable and natural.

We also love this kid-friendly Earl Grey Rug because it’s low-maintenance and made from 100% recycled polyester. For softer eco friendly baby rugs, the Ridge Rug is baby skin-friendly and made of wool and viscose.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Nothing swept under the rug here with Burrow’s  transparency, especially pricing. Burrow keeps it affordable, and shares how these prices compare with other brands, and how they keep theirs so low. Hint: It’s by eliminating those expensive middlemen.

Green business practices:

Burrow’s green efforts are demonstrated by their couches. They use FSC certified wood suppliers who are members of the American Tree Farm System and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

As can be seen with their rugs, they’re committed to making durable products that won’t end up in landfills.  

Available: Burrow

Let’s beat the dirt and toxins out of our homes and replace those planet-killing Persians with sustainable and eco friendly rugs instead.  Image by Made Trade #ecofriendlyrugs #sustainablerugs #sustainablejungle
Image by Made Trade

Made Trade is woman-owned and family-operated. 

The brands they represent qualify for at least one of the following: fair trade, heritage, made in the USA, POC-owned, sustainable, vegan, and woman-owned. 

Not only do they offer ethical furniture, but all you would need to go with it. 

Their big and beautiful organic and sustainable rugs selection guarantees you’ll find the right color, design, size, and shape to go in any room. Rug shopping with Made Trade = day made.


Made Trade sells many rugs, so you can imagine the fabric selection is just as diverse. While we didn’t sort through every single rug, we happily spotted materials like jute, organic cotton, and wool, and some made with organic dyes. 

That said, not every rug is equally sustainable, so be sure to read the description when shopping.

Supply chain & labor practices:

Made Trade happily shares where each product has been made and information about each brand. 

For their rugs, you’ll see several made using traditional techniques, some associated with direct trade or fair trade programs, and all produced slowly and sustainably. 

A few brands are also certified by GoodWeave, a rug-specific certification that ensures no forced or child labor was used (as is common in the rug industry).

Green business practices:

Made Trade is Carbon Neutral and offsets all shipping emissions. 

Community & charitable giving:

They’re also a member of 1% for the Planet (just like us).  

Available: Made Trade

Let’s beat the dirt and toxins out of our homes and replace those planet-killing Persians with sustainable and eco friendly rugs instead.  Image by Rawganique #ecofriendlyrugs #sustainablerugs #sustainablejungle
Image by Rawganique

Rawganique is a business run by off-grid homesteaders—enough said? 

As you would assume, the brand sells some of the best raw i.e. minimally-processed organic (meaning chemical-free) products out there. Everything they make is vegan, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and minimalist-chic.

Between their range of organic curtains, ethical sandals and slippers, eco friendly clothes, and natural sustainable rugs, you’ll have no reason to opt for toxic products. 


Rawganique keeps their rug range minimal, with options of 100% hemp, a blend of organic cotton and hemp, and a blend of organic hemp and wool.

Supply chain & labor practices:

All of Rawganique’s fibers are sustainably grown in Europe, where most are also processed in a chemical and sweatshop-free workshop. A handful of items are made in the USA. 

Their supply chain ends with final processing in the USA or Canada. 

Green business practices:

Rawganique’s list of materials across their whole product line (not only rugs) is rather small—just cotton, hemp, and wool—but their list of prohibited substances is long. You won’t find VOCs, formaldehyde, PVC, plastic, latex, dioxin, or harmful chemicals in any of their products.

Available: Rawganique

We didn’t sweep anything under the rug when it came to finding the best eco friendly floor rugs. Which is why we want you to understand exactly how we picked these brands, using our sustainable fashion criterion. 

If this is your first rodeo with us, here’s the summary:


You’ll see from this list that it is possible to make rugs without plastic—even if the industry tells us otherwise…  Natural rugs, or those made of sustainable materials like cotton (specifically organic cotton), hemp, jute, ethically-sourced wool, and banana silk, are far and away the best because you can compost it when the rug finally wears out.

Those work best for eco friendly indoor rugs, but for sustainable outdoor rugs, we want something a little more durable, like those made from recycled polyester. Synthetic, yes, but at least it’s using waste that already exists.

Rugs are also often treated with” target=”_blank”>chemical compounds that are known to release carcinogens like benzene, toluene, xylene. Now those are living room guests that didn’t get an invite. No luxury rug is worth exposing ourselves and our loved ones to a range of dangerous chemicals.

Like with anything that we welcome into our homes, we want to stomp on all of the toxic materials and chemicals and choose only those products that we’re comfortable hanging around 365 days a year (and even more important now that we’re all spending more time at home…). So, looking for natural dyes and safe substances was a factor here.

Supply chain and labor practices:

Again, we’re not sweeping anything under the rug, so we want the same from these ethical rug brands. To roll up any greenwashing that comes our way, we look for transparent information about where our products came from, who made them, and how they were treated. 

Even better if the brand has a third party certification to really put those greenwashing fears at ease.

Green business practices:

In addition to using sustainable materials, we’re willing to shell out for a large area rug produced in a way that’s conscious of environmental impact—whether through green manufacturing practices, carbon offsets, or eco-friendly packaging. 

Community & charitable giving:

We don’t expect this from all brands (especially smaller brands), but we’re quicker to jump out of bed and onto a new rug when we know some of the profits go toward making the world a better place. 

Wendell Berry said, “What I stand for is what I stand on.”

Now you can take these words literally by investing in a durable, ethically-made, and sustainable rug.

Whether you’re trying to keep your toes happy or looking for a splash of color to brighten up that hardwood floor, sustainable floor coverings are the foundation of a responsible and safe home

But before buying new, consider an online thrift store. You may be able to save a perfectly good rug from the landfill. 

We’d also love to get personal and ask: what are your bare feet touching these days – do you have an ethical rug company you’d like to share with the world? Unroll your thoughts and recommendations in the comments below.

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