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Best Organic Matcha Brands to Look Out for

Best organic matcha brands certified sustainable

Matcha – meaning “powdered tea” in Japanese has become extremely popular over the last few years due to its claimed health benefits. Organic Matcha is rich in antioxidants and has even been tied to lower risks of heart disease and cancer, and boosts in metabolism. 

Read on to find which matcha brands are offering organic, plant-based and non GMO verified matcha products: 

Navitas Organic

Navitas Organic is dedicated to giving us the energy we need to live each day to the fullest. Their mission is to create a nourished, more health conscious world through the promotion of regenerative farming. 

Their Organic Matcha Powder is nutrient dense and only mildly caffeinated. Certified B Corporation and Non Gmo, Navitas puts the planet at the heart of the business model to alleviate the social and environmental issues we’re currently facing. 


Green Foods

A brand that believes in optimal health by natural and organic food is Green Foods. Certified USDA organic, the company puts a lot of emphasis on basing our health around fresh grasses, fruit, vegetables and whole foods.

Green Foods Organic Matcha Green Tea and Organic Matcha Green Tea Energy Blend sources their matcha directly from Japan and is also Non GMO verified. Their matcha green tea provides a source of energy that lasts all day long without the drawback effects of conventional energy drinks. 

Another brand by Green Foods Corporation is Folded Fox, with their Pure Matcha Green Tea. Hand-picked in Japan and organically grown, the tea has a gorgeous velvety texture and with no additives. All Green Food products are gluten-free and vegan. 


 Eden Foods

Eden Foods is a natural food company that produces plant-based products from known and trusted sources. On top of this, the company takes its environmental impact very seriously as they track all of their food upstream from suppliers, using their energy sources efficiently and is waste conscious. 

Eden’s Organic Matcha Green Tea is made with half the caffeine of coffee, giving you both mental concentration and a surge of energy. Their Matcha Green Tea meets with the standards of strict organic practices, as the farmers maintain the biodiversity of the soil. They use green manure crops and compost in order to build the soil’s natural structure. 

Also available from Eden Foods is the Organic Matcha Tea Set, which comes with a sustainably made bamboo spoon, whisk, bowl and step-by-step instructions. 


Bigelow Tea

The Bigelow family has been making tea for three generations. As well as perfecting the perfect cup of tea, sustainability is at the heart of the operation. Continuing on their grandmother’s philosophy – “do the right thing and good things will follow”, the family strives to give back. 

Their Matcha Green Tea with Tumeric is gluten free, non GMO and has a rich, soothing taste. Certified B Corporation and USDA organic, Bigelow is proud to be a leader in ethical sourcing and takes corporate responsibility very seriously. 


10th Avenue Tea 

Committed to reducing their environmental impact, 10th Avenue Tea is proud to offer a line of eco-friendly products. The company’s match is grown in southwestern Japan, a designated area for matcha tea farming and is also named a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System. 

Their USDA approved organic Matcha Tea Powder is made with premium Japanese matcha, no sugar or preservatives and has a delightful hibiscus flavour. 


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