Last News about Sustainability and Ethical Brands Environment Blue Canoe Bodywear

Blue Canoe Bodywear

Blue Canoe Bodywear
Blue Canoe Bodywear

100% Natural Organic and Cotton Fiber 

Their cotton is grown without harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers and they use gentle non-toxic dyes. The fabrics are inherently soft, fluid and breathable, even in the warmest weather. 

Sustainable Organic Bamboo

Bamboo is the ultimate sustainable crop. It’s very fast growing, and renewable. It requires no pesticides, fertilizers or irrigation. It causes no soil erosion and reduces runoff. Bamboo can yield 20 times more fiber than trees and regenerates without plowing or replanting.

Global Organic Textile Standards

To help reduce damage to the environment and people, Blue Canoe is dedicated to using only organically grown fibers such as organically grown cotton and bamboo and using US based fabric mills that follow GOTS certified standards in textile processing methods. (Global Organic Textile Standards)


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