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Each individual Working day is Earth Working day for Ag Producers | Sustainable information

Cropland Data Layer map

, 2020

NASS’ CropScape is a device that visually displays the place food stuff and feed crops are developed in the United States. A Cropland Info Layer solution, like this one particular, makes use of satellite imagery gathered all through increasing period to monitor growing problems.

Immediately after a trip to Colorado’s Pikes Peak in 1893, Katharine Lee Bates wrote the lyrics to “America the Beautiful.” The unforgettable words paint a sensory-abundant picture of “amber waves” and “fruited plains” that rejoice our land and the true wealth of any country – agriculture. Nowadays, in accordance to the 2017 Census of Agriculture, the United States has extra than 900 million acres of land in farms that’s 40% of all U.S. land. And we rely on the 3.4 million producers, about 1% of our population, to manage that land and give food stuff, feed, fiber and fuel for our country and the entire world.

This Earth Working day is one more chance to assume about the dynamic function that our producers perform in the stewardship of the land. In the experience of 21st century problems, like feeding a increasing population although handling minimal normal resources, our producers continue to offer secure, trusted, and abundant bounty with the aid of science.

Info from the 2017 Census of Agriculture display an increase in the use of renewable electrical power units. Solar panels are the most applied renewable strength program, with 90,142 in area to harness the electricity of the sun. Wind turbines, smaller hydro devices, methane digesters, biodiesel and ethanol production methods and much more are also used to assistance preserve a verdant land for potential generations.

Producers hire several other techniques to conserve their farmland and increase efficiency. These practices, this kind of as conservation tillage, tile and area drainage, and planting include crops, safeguard the land from drinking water and wind erosion, make improvements to drinking water high-quality, present wildlife habitat, and cut down producers’ working expenses. In accordance to the 2017 Ag Census, 53,920 farms experienced much more than 13 million acres of land beneath conservation easement – voluntary and binding agreements that safeguard the land for intended uses.

Knowledge from the Ag Census assist guidance USDA’s Science Blueprint (PDF, 2.6 MB) and make on total local weather investigate and resiliency understanding to aid greater guard our planet’s assets.

Even though the lyrics to “America the Beautiful” may possibly continue to be the exact same, we know that improve is a frequent. With the participation of farmers and ranchers, USDA’s Countrywide Agricultural Studies Support creates the details to enable conclusion-makers and the agriculture field navigate the adjustments and troubles from one particular Earth Day to the future. To discover more about American agriculture, go to

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