Last News about Sustainability and Ethical Brands Fashion & Apparel 25 Sexy Sustainable Lingerie Brands from the Ethical Fashion Industry

25 Sexy Sustainable Lingerie Brands from the Ethical Fashion Industry

25 Sexy Sustainable Lingerie Brands from the Ethical Fashion Industry

What is “sustainable lingerie,” and how can you identify it?
—————————————————————–Recycled nylon and deadstock fabrics—that is to say, fabrics that would have been wasted by other companies—are also wins for the environment. Similarly, upcycled fabric or materials have been repurposed rather than thrown away, a form of recycling that is very good for sustainability.   
Second, consider dye safety: sustainable lingerie may have designs that are printed using techniques that reduce or eliminate the need for waste water, as well as reducing the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals for workers and for the environment.  
Another thing you might want to consider is diversity in ownership. Some brands are majority (51% or more) women-owned and/or BIPOC- (Black, Indigenous, or Person[s] of Color)-owned.With these things in mind, here are 25 sustainable lingerie brands | Learn more on Commonshare | to follow.
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 1. Botanica Workshop
Botanica Workshop | Learn more on Commonshare | is a small-batch, slow fashion brand | Learn more on Commonshare | with a major commitment to sustainability. Their approach to sustainable lingerie involves organic cotton and silk, as well as recycled nylon and the use of low-impact dyes.
As the company explains, they useorganic cotton | Learn more on Commonshare | specifically to avoid the heavy pesticide impacts that come with conventional cotton. If you are looking for organic lingerie, this is a good place to start. Their recyclednylon | Learn more on Commonshare | helps to reduce waste, and they have received the European Union’s OEKO-TEX certification, meaning it meets the highest standards fordye safety | Learn more on Commonshare | for workers and the environment. 

Botanica Workshop sustainable fashion brand


Uye Surana is a New York-based lingerie brand
2. Uye Surana
Uye Surana | Learn more on Commonshare | is a New York-based lingerie brand | Learn more on Commonshare | known for their innovation. Founder Monica Wesley created a completely new technique for designing bralettes: she re-engineered the traditional, restrictive bralette to provide much more support.
Uye Surana has made a number of important commitments to ethics and sustainability as well. Uye Surana sources material from local suppliers and trusted overseas suppliers, and they use a certain amount of reclaimeddeadstock | Learn more on Commonshare |—fabric that other designers cannot sell or use. 
Their sustainable lingerie makes use of a technology that allows them to transfer prints without the use of water or excess dyes, unlike conventional dyeing processes. They also work with a small, family-owned factory in Colombia that makes use of ethical manufacturing guidelines to produce many of their styles. They also use recycled packaging, reducing their environmental impact. 

 3. AmaElla 

AmaElla | Learn more on Commonshare | was founded on a commitment to help the fashion industry clean up and become more environmentally friendly. Toward that end, their sustainable lingerie makes use of organic cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard | Learn more on Commonshare | (GOTS | Learn more on Commonshare |), recognized as the world’s leading processing standard for organic textiles.
They have two ethical Fashion manufacturers, one in the UK and one in Portugal: the former is a non-profit social enterprise that trains young women | Learn more on Commonshare | to help them advance in the fashion industry, while the latter is a local employer.
AmaElla’s organic lingerie is also OEKO-TEX® | Learn more on Commonshare | Standard 100-certified, meaning it has been tested for several hundred harmful chemicals and found to be safe.

AmaElla sustainable lingerie makes use of organic cotton certified by the Global Organic


lilipiache sustainable fashion brand
4. Lilipiache
Lilipiache | Learn more on Commonshare | produces lingerie | Learn more on Commonshare | that has been described as “1940’s pinup girl,” and it’s sustainable as well. They use only natural, eco-friendly fabrics, such as organic cotton, silk, and French lace.

5. Ayten Gasson
Ayten Gasson | Learn more on Commonshare | makes luxury silk lingerie and nightwear, | Learn more on Commonshare | and has gained a reputation for their firm commitment to ethical manufacturing. The company makes use of upcycled vintage laces—that is to say, laces that have been repurposed and reused rather than thrown away—and organic fabrics, such as bamboo and peace silk.
About Ayten Gasson

lingerie and sustainability
6. Made Trade
Made Trade | Learn more on Commonshare | is a carefully-curated online shop with a wide range of intimates from different brands. While the attributes of different products may vary, this is one of the better places to shop for a wide range of sustainable lingerie.
Made Trade carries many vegan items—100% free of animal products and byproducts—as well as many sustainable products, all made from earth-friendly materials.
They also carry a wide selection of Fair Trade | Learn more on Commonshare | products, which they explain means that “the makers and artisans employed were paid a living wage and are provided safe and healthy working conditions.” Their Made in USA products are all locally-made using responsibly sourced materials, with workers paid a living wage and provided with safe working conditions.  
There are also products from People of Color (POC)-owned businesses and from women-owned businesses.
Made Trade even has heritage products, created using traditional art forms that are in decline and/or in danger of being lost.

7. Anekdot
Anekdot | Learn more on Commonshare | is a Berlin-based brand that offers lingerie | Learn more on Commonshare | handcrafted by artisan sewers. In addition to being sophisticated and stylish, Anekdot’s lingerie | Learn more on Commonshare | is highly sustainable. They use upcycled materials for their collections, and they donate or sell their own leftover fabrics to other creatives or donate them to art and philanthropic projects, thus making their brand zero waste.
Additionally, most Anekdot products are vegan. They never buy any new fabric that includes animal fibers, and even their silks are all upcycled from factory surplus. Plus, their packaging is made from recycled paper or cardboard, and even their hang tags are made from recycled paper.
anekdot sustainable lingerie brand

Wama lingerie brand sustainability
WAMA | Learn more on Commonshare | creates underwear | Learn more on Commonshare | for both women | Learn more on Commonshare |  and men from hemp fabric. The reason this is a win for sustainability has everything to do with hemp itself: it is one of the most sustainable fibers of them all, requiring far less water than cotton and no pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers. Plus, it’s naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.

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