Last News about Sustainability and Ethical Brands Environment Climate For the climate “we must change the scale”, urged Nicolas Hulot | Climates Changes

For the climate “we must change the scale”, urged Nicolas Hulot | Climates Changes

Changing scale is more important than ever , to combat global warming, pleaded with Ecological Transition Minister Nicolas Hulot this Friday, July 6 in the morning, making a first assessment of the climate plan launched in July 2017.

The news is not good globally: greenhouse gas emissions are on the rise , recalled the minister. They are not good in France either , He continued. Greenhouse gas emissions increased, with 466 million tonnes equivalent CO2. They remained stable in 2016 at 458 million tons. This is a sign that our cheap software hasn’t completely changed , noted Nicolas Hulot.

Among the measurable measures a year later, Nicolas Hulot welcomed the real success the conversion premium to buy a cleaner car. Between January and June 2018, 75,000 people benefited. The amount of this premium is € 1,000 for taxable households and € 2,000 for non-taxable households. The ministry had also launched a bonus to change oil boilers and had decided in particular to increase the amount of the energy allowance to 200 euros in 2019.

We have advanced, we have accelerated , But there are areas where we haven’t done enough , estimated the minister, who announced that a progress report will be drawn up every year. This climate plan aims to make France a country neutral in carbon by 2050.

Of the NGO such as WWF and the Climate Action Network, with various associations representing municipalities and communities (Association of Mayors of France, Regions of France, etc.) took the opportunity to ask that the proceeds from ecological taxation are earmarked for the ecological transition , while the carbon tax is expected to represent 15 billion euros in revenue in 2022, according to a press release.


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