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Coffee lovers need their daily fix. Without caffeine they find it difficult to function (and the rest of us find them difficult to be around). If one of your friends is a “Raging Javaholic”, get them a t-shirt that says so. sells shirts and sweatshirts that say that phrase, among others such as “Coffee makes the voices stop” and “Got Coffee?” This gift will set you back about $30. Another practical and personal gift for the coffee lover is a personalized travel mug from The stainless steel mugs you’ll find on this website are under $20 and can be personalized with many different fonts and styles, with complete names or just initials. Put a creative and individual touch on a traditional mug by downloading a special photo to and ordering a coffee mug with that photo image emblazoned across the mug. The mugs start at $13.99 and can be designed with several pictures for the same price as one picture.

It is good common sense to assume that coffee lovers would appreciate the gift of good coffee. Purchase a membership in a coffee of the month club for your recipient. Visit and purchase 3 months of specialty coffee for $24.95 each month. Each month the recipient will receive two 12 ounce servings of 100% Arabica coffee. The coffee can arrive as whole beans or fresh grounds and should serve the family for the entire month.  A Coffee Gift Pail makes an interesting gift simply because of its unique packaging. Visit, where you’ll see you can purchase the Hiatus Coffee Gift Pail. Included in the $41 price tag is two ½ bags of JoeBot’s Gourmet coffee, along with cookies by Brent and Sam, chocolate spoons and caffeinated mints. If the coffee lover is also a humanitarian and a lover of the environment, some Fara Café Fair Trade Coffee makes an appropriate gift. sells this Rainforest Alliance Certified specialty coffee for $29.95. These Central American mild beans come pre-ground in a one pound package and are described as “spicy notes with hints of vanilla and fruit.” Yum!

Some gear might be necessary for the coffee lover. While at home, the coffee guru needs a great grinder. Go to the cleverly named website and check out the Burr or Blade grinders ranging from $19.99 to $1799.00. Burr grinders grind consistently and are recommended for espresso, with Blade grinders the more you grind, the finer the grind is, meaning it’s not recommended for espresso. While on the go, the coffee lover needs an insulated backpack with containers to keep their favorite beverage hot. sells just this backpack for $44.99, which comes in tan or black and comes with 2 mugs and 2 spill proof containers for cream and sugar.

Perhaps the most obvious gift for coffee lovers is a gift card to their favorite coffee shop. This will allow them to purchase what they want when they want it. The gift of choice is always appreciated. And finally, perhaps the least obvious gift for coffee lovers is a teeth whitener kit!

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