If You Love Açai Berries, These 5 Organic Brands Are For You

If You Love Açai Berries

Organic açai brands
If you’re one of the many to embrace the açai craze, these 5 organic açai brands are for you.
Navitas(1) | #Navitas | (pronounced nuh-vee-tus) is named after the Latin word for ‘energy,’ an apropos name in light of the company’s mission – namely, to search the globe for the highest-quality organic superfoods. While they have a global reach, they work with small, local farmers, promoting sustainable organic farming methods.
Navitas has quite the collection of superfoods, including a freeze-dried açai powder for smoothies, shakes, açai bowls, yogurts, and desserts.   
Sambazon(2) | #Sambazon | describes themselves as “Born of the Amazon,” a company founded on the belief that what we do can change the world for the better. The company is committed to working with local people, being Fair Trade, organic, vegan, and non-GMO, preserving the sustainable cultivation of açai.
Sambazon was the first importer of açai to the United States, and in addition to their original açai berry + guarana superfruit packs – perfect for açai bowls and smoothies – they now have other superfruit packs, energy drinks, fresh juices, frozen sorbet, and dessert.  
Thrive Market
Thrive Market(3) | #Thrive Market | curates some of the best organic, non-GMO, non-toxic, sustainable brands in the world. Their mission is to help to make healthy living accessible to every family. In 2018, they became the first e-commerce company in the country to become zero waste across their entire fulfillment network, and they use 99% post-consumer recycled packaging on every order and are carbon neutral on all shipping.
Thrive Market has its own branded organic açai powder, freeze-dried to preserve the nutrients. They recommend it for açai bowls, smoothies, and baked goods.   
Açai Roots
Açai Roots(4) | #Açai Roots | places sustainability and social equality at the heart of their company’s mission. They describe their ethos as a “triple bottom line philosophy,” a passion for protecting the Amazon and the people who live there.
In keeping with their beliefs, Açai Roots purchase their açai from local co-ops in Brazil. They have even partnered with sandal manufacturer Reef to create a sandal with açai seeds, and donated 100% of the profits to non-profit Rhythm of Hope, dedicated to improving the lives of marginalized Brazilian communities.
Açai Roots products include pouches and powders, juices, superfoods and toppings, and a line of frozen sorbets.
Tropical Açai
Tropical Açai(5) | #Tropical Açai | is a premier organic açai grower and supplier, sourcing açai from the region of Pará, Brazil. They own everything from the farms to the plant that produces the pulp, allowing them control of the entire production process to ensure the highest quality for the customers and social responsibility to their employees and the local community.
Toward the above end, Tropical Açai works to promote local employment, including alternative employment as hand-crafters using açai materials. They also protect the forest, not only by refusing to engage in deforestation but also by planting new trees.
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