Last News about Sustainability and Ethical Brands Fashion & Apparel In What Types of Products Should I Look for Organic Cotton?

In What Types of Products Should I Look for Organic Cotton?

In What Types of Products Should I Look for Organic Cotton?
Organic cotton is gaining popularity, and that means more options for buying clothing and apparel.

Here are 10 types of products where you can expect to find organic cotton—and a number of suggested brands committed to ethical, sustainable organic cotton.

1). Organic Cotton Shirts

Organic Cotton Shirts are popular because they’re light, comfortable, and provide countless opportunities for self-expression.

By way of example, consider The Classic T-Shirt Company, a family company founded by Paul and Olga Garibian: when their first daughter Gabriela was born, they decided they wanted to set an example “by creating a product that is ethical and sustainable.” Today, they offer a full range of high-quality t-shirts for men and women. There’s also IPSILON, which produces its casual style line in organic cotton and nylon.

Organic cotton shirt companies serve all kinds of needs. Consider The Bshirt, a company that produces a line of tops especially for nursing mothers. There’s also Boy Wonder, which produces stylish, durable clothing for busy children.

2). Organic Cotton Underwear

Organic Cotton Underwear includes everything from socks to bodysuits, intimates, etc., and there is an astonishing range of these articles made from organic cotton. Offerings include articles from People Tree and KOMODO.

3). Organic Cotton Pants

Organic Cotton Pants include flared leggings, trousers, slim fit jeans, cycling shorts, and other pants. For example, consider Beaumont Organic, which offers organic cotton trousers. Miko Lolo carries a range of apparel, including casual shorts and lounge pants for tots. The company is committed to fair working conditions in its studios in Mumbai, India, and practices a zero-waste policy with upcycling of all waste fabric.

4). Organic Cotton Tops

Organic Cotton Tops include cotton tops, tank tops, cargo shirts, and more. Beaumont Organic offers stylish organic cotton tops in varying designs. People of Leisure is another company committed to sustainable fashion: they made a conscious decision to not let scrap textiles from the apparel industry go to waste, and chose to upcycle them to produce one-of-a-kind clothing.

5). Organic Cotton Cardigans

Organic Cotton Cardigans include stylish and sustainable sweaters by KOMODO and People Tree.

KOMODO bills itself as the original ethical fashion brand—since 1988. Founder Joe Komodo was inspired by the culture and colors of Asia and was passionate about creating a mix of Eastern and Western design ideas—a sustainable mix, no less. KOMODO has been a pioneer brand for the use of organic cotton, not to mention hemp, bamboo, Tencel, and other natural fibers.

People Tree is an award-winning Fair Trade fashion label with ecommerce, wholesale, and retail operations in Britain and Japan. The company works with Fair Trade producer groups to create a well-designed collection that respects people and planet.

The company Armedangels also has sweaters, created in accordance with their belief in taking responsibility to protect the environment. The company is committed to fair working conditions.

6). Organic Cotton Coats and Jackets

Organic Cotton Coats and Jackets include everything from print shirt jackets to quilted jackets, blazers, and other designs. The brand Soluna Collective has wrap jackets, chore jackets, and alpaca sweaters. The company is based on six key values: ethically made, women led, better materials, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), handmade, and with eco dyes.

7). Organic Cotton Loungewear

Organic Cotton Loungewear includes pajama sets, camisoles, and trousers. For example, Hunter+Boo carries a stylish line of pajama sets for babies and children. The label was founded by sisters Beth and Sarah Medley, who combine their love of fashion, art and nature with a desire to improve the lives of those who produce their collection.

8). Organic Cotton Dresses

Organic Cotton Dresses include wrap dresses, flared dresses, and others. Consider the brand Nandni Studio, which offers beautiful Indian-inspired designs and a company vision based on five values: ethically made, women-led, better materials, handmade, and eco dyes.

Similarly, Kate Austin offers dresses that are block printed by fair trade artisans in India.

Other offerings include dresses by People Tree, Beaumont Organic, and others.

9). Organic Cotton Skirts

Organic Cotton Skirts include designs in varying lengths and styles. One notable brand is MUD Jeans, a denim brand that applies the principles of the circular economy. The brand SIZ includes skirt designs as well as dresses. The Portugal-based label was founded by twin sisters Raquel and Sofia, both passionate about fashion and sustainability.

10). Organic Cotton Sweatshirts and Hoodies

Organic Cotton sweatshirts and hoodies include numerous stylish, sustainable, and casual designs. The brand False Ego carries hoodies and zip-up jackets as part of its line. The sustainable fashion company prides itself on making apparel with purpose for people with purpose.

Another brand is Bentivoglio Paris, a feminine and vegetal fashion brand, or those who dream of having style while wearing an ecological brown, dress differently, wear clothes and accessories that have meaning, an ideology consistent with the environment.

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