MSC Explores Hydrogen, Biofuels for Decarbonization

MSC Explores Hydrogen

International shipping line Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) | #Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) | said in early October that it is further exploring the viability of hydrogen | Learn more on Commonshare | and fuels derived from it as a possible fuel source for future container shipping | Learn more on Commonshare |, and it is increasingly working to implement the use of biofuels within its existing fleet.
A Path to Decarbonization
MSC Group’s Bud Darr addressed the Inaugural Maritime Transport Efficiency Conference in Geneva, Switzerland, and explained some preferred options for a path to decarbonization.
“There’s no one single solution,” Darr explained. In fact, the company needs “a range of alternative fuels at scale and we need them urgently.”
The future will depend on “strong partnerships from both the perspective of technology collaboration and procurement.”
Shipping With Alternative Fuels
MSC supports the UN’s International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) policy goals of decarbonizing shipping. The company also announced that it is actively exploring and trialing a range of alternative fuels | Learn more on Commonshare | and technologies and is already actively bunkering biofuels at scale.
For now, fossil-sourced liquefied natural gas (LNG) remains a transitional option, and carbon capture and storage, if perfected for marine use, could be highly useful.
MSC is pioneering large-scale usage of biofuel blends for container ships and is already bunkering responsibly sourced, up to 30% biofuel blends on a routine basis in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Additionally, MSC’s Gülsün Class container ships, the world’s largest, were fitted at delivering in 2019-2020 with the option to convert in future to liquefied natural gas as a potential bridging fuel as a part of the transition toward, ultimately, a zero-carbon future.  
Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) | |: source from manifoldtimes website

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