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One year after the “climate plan”, NGOs are still waiting for strong measures | Climates Changes

One year after the announcement of the Climate Plan by Ecology Minister Nicolas Hulot, the Climate Action Network notes that beyond active diplomacy and important long-term signals for the climate, the action of the President of the Republic and the government does not break with what previous governments have achieved and with the measures taken on the short term remain insufficient .

On 6 July, the Ministry for Ecological and Inclusive Transition is organizing an event to take stock of its policy conducted over the last year on climate and energy.

United by Reporter, Morgane Créach, director ofNGO, accurate: There is a lack of ambition within this government on climate and energy issues, we are not on the right track . It recognizes some strong measures – the end of hydrocarbon exploration, the development of carbon taxation, the abandonment of the Notre-Dame-des-Landes airport project – but also several setbacks, notably the postponement of the reduction nuclear power or the reduction of the tax on financial transactions. Reporter did the count in his Hulotscope.

The NGO therefore, to expect a lot in the coming months, because different laws – mobility law, 2019 budget and multi-year energy planning – could make it possible correct the shot .

The Climate Action Network therefore proposes measures to be adopted as soon as possible to change course , between :

  • The establishment of a bicycle fund for an amount of 200 million euros per year.
  • The tripling of the amount of the energy allowance for families with modest resources.
  • Measures to reduce the consumption of nitrogen fertilizers and livestock in the agricultural sector.
  • The closure of several additional nuclear reactors (besides the Fessenheim plant) during this five-year period.
  • Regionalization of purchase prices and tenders for photovoltaic solar energy.
  • Allocation of 100% of the proceeds from the French tax on financial transactions to climate and solidarity
  • The end of agro-fuels grown on dedicated land.
  • source : Reporter
  • Photo: Pixabay (CC0)


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