Paper, Plastic, or Paperboard?


The company Diageo has announced a new paperboard-based plastic-free bottle, in a huge win for sustainability that is already drawing emulation and imitation. 
In fact, other companies that have announced moves to reduce plastics and phase in paperboard include Unilever, PepsiCo, and Coca-Cola. 
Unilever Chief R&D Officer Richard Slater explains that the company believes in tackling plastic waste by being innovative and collaborative. He says the company is going to “halve our use of virgin plastic at Unilever, reducing our use… by more than 100,000 tonnes in the next five years.” 
The company will also join forces with Diageo to develop and test paper bottles. 
Similarly, PepsiCo has announced its own participation in the effort to develop and scale the first recyclable paper bottle. As Simon Lowden, PepsiCo’s Chief Sustainability Officer, explained, the company is “well position to deliver sustainable packaging at scale and across industries, having an impact beyond what any organization could achieve alone.”
PepsiCo expects to test its own brand of paper bottles, based on a design by Pulpex Ltd., in 2021. 
Meanwhile, Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) announced their introduction of CanCollar, a new paperboard packaging solution for multipack cans in Spain. They will replace the current Hi-cone plastic solution, and save more than 18 tonnes of plastic annually.
Coca-Cola’s World Without Waste strategy places a lot of emphasis on innovative packaging design. It is collaborating with WestRock, an Atlanta, Georgia-based company that produces paperboard packaging solutions, to produce CanCollar paperboard can ring technology in the Balearic Islands starting in November of 2020.
The paperboard packaging solutions are a tremendous win for sustainability | Learn more on Commonshare |, one that will reduce plastics and fossil fuel consumption | Learn more on Commonshare |. One of the biggest wins is the reduction in difficult-to-recycle plastic. 

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