Sense Organics – Children’s Clothing

Sense Organics – Children’s Clothing

Baby & children fashion in organic quality and Fair Trade produced

Sense Organics cares about how their products are made and by whom. For 18 years, they have been producing colorful and beautiful baby & children fashion in premium organic quality. You can be sure of the durability of their timelessly designed products, that friends or younger brothers and sisters will be able to enjoy as well. All used substances are non-toxi, cuddly soft and especially suitable for the sensitive skin of babies and small children.

Sense Organics Certifications

There are many certifications in the world of sustainability and organic products. Sense Organics has partnered with FairTrade and GOTS for all clothing products.

Working on the Future

In Sense Organice industry they are always working on various seasons at the same time and work is continously progressing 12 months a year. In their factories they see many generations of family working on their products and this is why they are taking time to work on the future of young people in the areas where they manufacture our products.

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