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Sustainability in Amsterdam: Best Local Sustainable Coffee Brands

Sustainability in Amsterdam

Everyone gets about by bike and canal boats, so it has one of the lowest C0² emission rates in the world.

This positive stance on sustainability is also reflected in the local brands that the city has to offer. Here are some local brands that are paving the way for sustainable companies in Amsterdam.

  1. Jacob Douwe Egberts

Amsterdam is notorious for its coffee shops. Founded in Joure in 1753, Jacob Douwe Egberts has always been driven by their passion for coffee. Today, their coffee and tea portfolio has grown to include names such as Tassimo, Kenco, L’Or and more.

They supply organic instant coffee, espresso beans, roast and ground coffee and coffee capsules. All of which meet with EU Organic standards.

They also offer industry expertise to help brands achieve the best coffee experience for their business. They believe that collaboration is an essential part of taking responsibility as brand owners in moving towards sustainable development.

A company that strives for ethics and integrity, they have incorporated these values into their policies for ethical behaviour. For example, the Speak Up policy applies to all their operations and enables their associates to report violations of code and conduct.

  1. Moyee Coffee Roasting

Moyee Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster that aims to be the “2.0 of Fairtrade”. They’ve created five of their FairChain flavours to appeal to everyone’s taste whether it’s fruity, dark or nice and balanced.

This roaster works with the best beans from Ethiopia, Kenya and Colombia. Not only is Fairchan about quality, but they are dedicated to getting the best prices for their farmers. They roast and pack the beans in their coffee of origin, reducing the value price by 50%. This also provides jobs and gives a boost to these communities.

As you can imagine, the facility has received the Rainforest Alliance Certification for their innovative practices in sustainable coffee production.


  1. J.Th. Douqué’s Koffie

A family-run company with coffee at the heart of operations, Douqué’s Koffie has specialized in the import and export of green coffee since 1895. They have a hands on approach to coffee, with looking, smelling, feeling and tasting playing a vital role in each step of the selection.

The business has continuously thrived until today thanks to their strong connections formed between producers and customers over the years. The close relationship that Douqué maintains with its customers is thanks to their transparency and quality assurance.

Rainforest Alliance Certified, coffee roasters all over Europe can rely on Douqué to deliver green coffee that is both sustainable and traceable.

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