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Daniel Silverstein, creator of Zero Waste Daniel : Sustainability is No Joke

Daniel Silverstein

For Daniel Silverstein, surplus fabric is treasure – and a way to contribute to sustainability | Learn more on Commonshare |.
Silverstein is the creator of Zero Waste Daniel, an ecofriendly genderless clothing and accessories brand. He also believes fashion can be funny.
Based in Brooklyn, Silverstein creates bold designs using consumer waste | Learn more on Commonshare | from New York City’s garment industry. He has collaborated with everyone from Alice & Olivia to ThredUp.
Sustainable Fashion is Hilarious
The designer has announced his decision to sit out the 2020 runway season and to instead launch a digital comedy fashion series called “Sustainable Fashion is Hilarious.” The first episode, titled “Clothing Optional,” will be released on September 30th at 8:00 pm EST.
For Silverstein, the show is an unconventional mixture of fashion | Learn more on Commonshare | and comedy and a way to deliver a sustainability message to a wider audience.
The Death of Fashion
The designer’s performances are as original and surprising as his collections, such as “The Death of Fashion,” held at climate change museum Arcadia Earth. The exhibition featured a fashion presentation-cum-protest against greed, and a mock funeral for the prototypical “great fashion designer.”
The costumes themselves were worn by activists, not models, who carried signs demanding to know “Who killed fashion?”
The New Show
Now Silverstein is debuting a new series, and the first episode will be a 25-minute-long Zoom program with a live welcome set and a post-show question and answer session. The Zero Waste Daniel clothing that appears in the program will be available for purchase immediately following the premiere.
Silverstein explains that the idea “is to give people a fashion show | Learn more on Commonshare |. We know everyone loves a fashion show. There’s so much drama.”
Innovation Out of Disillusionment
Silverstein is willing to admit that he enjoys a good runway show as much as the next designer, but he has become disillusioned with the elitism and the platform. He explains that he didn’t have the money to “play the game,” and he didn’t enjoy the experience of being asked to be creatively vulnerable and subjected to criticism in the form of show reviews.
For Silverstein, the approach he has taken reflects an egalitarian ethos.
As Silverstein explains, “This season’s push toward digital is the perfect time for me to get my show out of fashion week altogether and get into a new format that can reach more people, make more change, do more good, and create less waste.”
A Brand Built on Sustainability
Silverstein built his brand on sustainability. As a fledgling designer, he had an epiphany when he found a bag of fabric scraps for a dollar. “I remember using the scraps to make ballgowns and evening gowns, ready-to-wear and sportswear,” he explains.
He then realized that other designers were stuffing garbage bins with fabric – and they were willing to give it to him.
Silverstein has built his brand on the use of this free waste fabric, which he uses to create his Zero Waste Daniel creations.   

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