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Sustainable Barcelona: Local Sustainable Brands that Should be on Your Radar

Sustainable Barcelona: Seafood and Coffee Local Sustainable Brands

Here are local sustainable brands to keep in mind when visiting the Catalan capital:

Arctic Saga S.L

Arctic is an organic seafood supplier in Barcelona, sourcing its produce from the icy waters of Iceland. Choosing to specialize in importing Bacalao (cod), the company has extensive knowledge supplying this delicious fish from one of the world’s best fishing regions.

Arctic Saga is strict on only importing fish that is MSC certified, as sustainable fish farming is one of their core principles. To this day they boast a strong value chain, rendering the best value possible for the product and end consumer.

Siro & Xavi, S.L

For the family run company Siro & Xavi, S.L,  sustainable seafood has been in the family for five generations. In 1997, the brand Nassari was created to sell their acclaimed salted anchovies in vinegar. 20 years later, the company Siro & Xavi was formed to specialize in marketing Nassari products.

Some of their other  products in the line are their anchovy pinchos, sauce and broth. Today, their products are now recognized internationally in the USA, France, the UK and many more.

The brand is proud to supply high quality products for the gastronomy industry, and have attained the standards of the MSC Certified Sustainable Food seal for their dedication to sustainably sourced seafood.

Balnes Europe

Based in Sabadell, Balnes is a supplier that strives to be a leader of sustainable coffee with their premium quality. They offer a range of organic coffee products including their Ristretto capsules, ground French roast, dark roast and Ethiopia roast.

Committed to protecting the environment, they work with the best farmers in the world and take care at every stage from grain selection, roasting to packaging. Their desire is to be a leading supplier in all-inclusive global coffee solutions.

Certified Rainforest Alliance, Balnes guarantees the wellbeing of their farmers in all of their coffee growing locations. In addition, the company is open about sharing their information and data in order to assure transparency.

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