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What is Sustainable Yarn

By using organic yarns for our fabrics, we’re making the conscious choice not to produce materials made with the use of chemical pesticides. This also improves soil health for agriculture and animal welfare.

These yarns can vary from organic cotton, modal yarns, recycled yarns and several more.

It’s important to know which are the suppliers that we can trust to make our businesses more sustainable.

AA Spinning Mills Limited

With decades of experience under their belt, AA Spinning Mills is the first spinning mill in Pakistan with 50 thousand spindles. Dedicated to the production of organic cotton and yarn made from man-made natural fibers, AA Spinning Mills currently collaborates with many leading European fashion companies.

As a prominent supplier in the industry, their mission is to provide quality sustainable yarn from fiber to finished product. Certified by COTTON USA and the Better Cotton Initiative, the company strives to achieve the perfect balance between social responsibility and profitability.

Ascent Yarns Private Limited

A leading manufacturer in dyed yarns, Ascent Yarns Private Limited has 20 years experience in delivering high-quality sustainable yarns. With sustainability embedded into their business operations, the supplier provides recycled yarns produced at a cost advantage.

The company cares deeply about being environmentally responsible as so they make a significant effort to reflect this in their practices. Their yarns are made from 100% recycled PET bottles and they reduce carbon emissions by using solar energy.

The company has received the GOTS, GRS and the Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX for their efforts to promote sustainable production.

Imagine Wool

Imagine Wool was born from a passion for knitting with sustainable yarns. The company is the brainchild of a Swedish couple who combined their background in public health and entrepreneurship to boost social sustainability.

They searched for which fibers had the least impact on the environment. After months of searching, they decided to land on yarn spun from 100% GOTS certified merino wool.

Here you can find some of the gorgeous yarns available in their range including strong, softand undyed merino.


The earth’s natural resources

Rosy Green Wool

Rosy Green Wool is an eco-conscious brand that invites you to cuddle up with their soft, aromatic, organic wool. Certified GOTS organic, the company cares deeply about animals and nature, fully committed to a sustainable value chain.

They produce garments from their merino wools that are long lasting, retain their shape and take their wool from happy sheep at organic farms.



Creating minimalistic yarns for babies wear and cuddly toys, Babytoly is on a mission to bring back the craft of handknit garments sustainably produced. With their studio in Turkey, Babytoly is inspired by the simplicity of nature and intends for this to come across in their designs.

Their organic yarns are made without chemical pesticides or artificial fertilizer. In a world full of excessive waste and consumption, Babytoly wanted to strip back and source only natural materials from Eastern Anatolia

Their GOTS certified wools are skin-friendly and breathable and come in a beautiful assortment of colours.

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