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Sustainable Boston : Local Sustainable Brands that Should be on Your Radar

Local Sustainable Brands that Should be on Your Radar

AsAs the popularity for sustainable brands continues to grow, so do the number of brands to choose from. Boston, in Massachusetts in the US is a hub for organic and eco-friendly finds, so keep a lookout for these food stores if you find yourself there.


Whether you’re looking for sustainable farm produce, seafood, tea, coffee or flowers, here’s a list of six brands we recommend.

Boston Tomato and Packaging

Boston Tomato and Packaging in New England is a huge supplier of sustainable vegetables including fresh tomatoes and herbs. This company boasts certified organic produce as it meets with the USDA organic and FDA guidelines for growing. They distribute their produce to retail stores, food companies and grocery warehouses.

This is a brand with excellent quality, safety and service. They buy their products directly from farms all over the world and guarantee that customers receive the best and safest product.

They offer a wide range of services from customized labelling and packaging, retail market planning and worldwide shipping.


Villa Seafood, Inc

Looking for sustainable fish in Boston? Villa Seafood, Inc is a multinational seafood company, known as a leading supplier of organic and sustainable fish. With its headquarters in Norway, the company’s founders were pioneers in wrasse fishing, making them among the best in the world for organic cod and salmon.

They also specialize in processing, distributing and marketing a range of trout and other seafood products to more than 30 countries worldwide. As a proud carrier of the MSC Certified Sustainable Food seal, they provide their customers with first class products and service in a competitive marketplace.

Appleton Farms

Appleton Farms is located in Ipswich and Hamilton, MA and is The United State’s oldest operating farm. Boasting 1,000 acres of farmland, it has extensive forests, grazing livestock as well as a visitor’s centre, so you could even make a tourist trip out of it. Offering a wide range of organic products from dairy, beef, fresh fruit and vegetables and herbs.

As for their practices, they follow organic standards but are certified USDA organic. This means that they don’t use GMO seeds or chemical fertilizers. Aiming to create a healthy habitat for pollinators, and protect the air and water in our community, they care for their soils and produce high quality products.

Bay State Farm Direct Flowers

As New England’s largest flower distributor, Bay State Farm Direct Flowers specializes in fresh cut flowers, plants, bouquets and supplies. They supply retail shops and supermarket flower departments fresh-from-the-farm flowers and promise excellent quality.

They have an extensive list of vendors counting on the best farms in California, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Holland. With over 80 years of experience in the industry, they promise excellent quality as well as pricing. Dealing in the importation and wholesale distribution flowers, they proudly carry the Rainforest Alliance Certified label.

Fresh Valley Foods

Fresh Valley Foods in Haverhill, MA is a family owned and operated business. They understands the importance of sourcing the best quality fruits and vegetables. They put sustainability at the forefront of their business and have taken advantage of the fertile soil and beautiful growing conditions during the spring and summer months.

Brandishing USDA certified organic produce, this business grows locally sourced sustainable fruits and vegetables that are passionate about quality.

Equal Exchange

Equal Exchange in Boston, Massachusetts has had since its inception in 1986 to bring fairness to farmers. As a prominent source for sustainable Fruits and vegetables near to Boston, the company offers Fairtrade fresh produce, and serves Fairtrade tea, coffee in cocoa in their cafes. This boosts mutually beneficial relationships between the farmers and retailers. In 1991, Equal Exchange established itself as a Fairtrade coffee company offering beans, decaf coffee, different roasts, and flavored coffees. So if you’re a coffee lover, you know this is your stop.

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