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Sustainable New York: 11 Local Brands that Should be on Your Radar

Local brands in New York

As well as being recognized as the world’s capital in finance, fashion and business, New York city also has the fastest growing tech ecosystem. Local brands have kept up with the pace of the city to meet the growing demand for sustainable brands.
Here are 11 local brands in New York city that can’t be missed.

  1. Little Duck Organics, Inc.

 Little Duck Organics was first formed with the ambition to create Tiny Fruits, freeze dried fruit and veggie snacks that were perfect for kids. Their ingredients are simple, non GMO and packed full of vitamins and probiotics.

The first products were such a hit that they later added Tiny Yogurts and Tiny Gummies. Meeting with USDA organic standards, their healthy snacks are also allergy free from gluten, egg, dairy, soy and peanuts.

  1. City Winery New York LLC

The City Winery is a state of the art facility passionate about sharing wine, music and culinary arts. With their world-class wine produced locally, they strive to bring a wine country experience into the heart of the city. USDA certified, this sustainable winery holds events of all occasions: wine-tastings, weddings, anniversaries matched with views of the Hudson River.

  1. Choice Essential Oils LLC

Choice Essential Oils LLC offers a luxurious and extensive range of essential oils. Working closely with farming partners, they provide pure organic dilutions and blends available on request. Whether you’re looking for rosemary, eucalyptus or lavender oil, they have an impressive list of 339 oils, certified USDA organic.

  1. Aloha

Aloha is an organic supplier that puts sustainability and health at the forefront of their business. Since day one they’ve been passionate about making health bars that are packed full of goodness and only the finest, sustainably sourced ingredients.

With USDA organic certification, they take pride in their vegan, non GMO and chemical free products. They have a delicious line of protein bars, drinks and powders.

  1. Agri Exim Inc

USDA Organic certified food companies in New York also include Agri Exim Inc. This is a supplier that seeks to bridge the gap between customers seeking high quality organic produce and farmers. They work with over 17,000 farmers worldwide, helping to arm them with tools and education in order to realize their full potential.

  1. Açaí Of America Inc.

Açaí berries are renowned for being a superfood, and Açaí Of America Inc. is a supplier committed to providing these delicious and nutritious berries. These USDA organic berries that are sourced directly from the Amazon rainforest have endless health benefits. Among other products are organic açaí berry pulp and açaí sorbet.

  1. Amtrade Inc.

Founded by entrepreneur Tejen Sen, Amtrade Inc is a leading supplier in etnic gourmet food. They sell a full range of delicious products including premium basmati rice, spices, beverages and vegan sauces. They also supply their USDA organic products to traditional Indian restaurants all over the city of New York.

  1. Unit Nutrition LLC

For any of you athletes looking for an energy kick during your workouts, Unit Nutritionhas you covered. They produce USDA approved performance enhancing energy drinks to help get you through the toughest workouts. Their drinks come in the flavours peach mango, mixed berry and root beer float.

  1. Wandering Bear

Of course, this list includes where to find sustainable coffee companies in New York city.   Wandering Bear began with a true passion for coffee. For co-founders Matt and Ben, it’s always been about taste and strength. What more would you want for your coffee? Wandering Bear cold brew is delightfully smooth with a subtle chocolatey finish.

  1. Dylan’s Candy Bar

Dylan’s Candy Bar is a larger than life confectionary store boasting over 7,000 confections. Dylan’s is proud to be the largest candy emporium with a mission to bring out the inner child in every visitor, and is Rainforest Alliance certified. They offer a wide variety of cakes, chocolates, candy and assorted gift sets.

  1. Magnolia & Twig Floral Studio 

With a beautiful vintage decor, Magnolia & Twig Floral Studio specializes in the most scrumptious home baked desserts and pastries. Rainforest Alliance certified, they also offer a refreshing beverage menu of coffee, tea and lemonade. You can find them in the heart of New Yorks’ West Village.

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