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Sustainable Connecticut: 20 Local Brands that are Leading in Sustainability

20 Local Brands in Connecticut that are Leading in Sustainability

Connecticut is a state that demonstrates great leadership when it comes to sustainable development. Here you’ll be able to find everything you’re looking for from organic tea, coffee, seafood and more!


Here are 20 local brands that are paving the way for sustainability in Connecticut

  1. 7 Falls Mushroom Farm

7 Falls Mushroom Farm is a family farm found in Higganum. They grow certified organic shiitake mushrooms on their residence on oak, maple and other hardwoods.

You can find them popping up at farmers markets all over the state of Connecticut such as Middleton, Meriden, Wethersfield and more.

  1. Ashlawn Farm Coffee

Looking for organic coffee in Connecticut? Ashlawn Farm Coffee started out as a tiny family farm in Old Saybrook. Thanks to their passion for people and coffee, the small business venture has grown into a coffee hot-spot.

They sell Rainforest Alliance certified coffee at their beautiful rustic location, as well as pastries, salads and sandwiches. Definitely worth making a trip.


  1. Aqua-For

Connecticut is also a great find for speciality sustainable seafood. Aqua-For specializes in importing and exporting bulk caviar. They supply high-end markets, deluxe hotels and speciality stores all over the US with the finest quality caviar.

The company has earned the MSC Certified Sustainable Food seal for their excellent standards in custom processing.

  1. Baronet Coffee

Established since 1930, Baronet Coffee knows a thing or two about decent coffee. For four generations they’ve been importing and roasting the finest coffee that meets with USDA organic standards.

They have a wide range of decadent products available including their ground coffee, coffee pods, organic tea and terra leaf tea pods.

With high quality always being their top priority, this is one of the coffee and organic tea companies in Connecticut state you don’t want to pass by.

  1. CK Greenhouses, Inc.

With a current pandemic going on, we sure don’t need an excuse to brighten up someone’s day. What better way to do that then with a beautiful flower arrangement? CK Greenhouses is committed to providing the highest quality flowers and plants in the industry.

They strive to maintain responsible sourcing and environmentally friendly pest control and have been awarded USDA organic certification.

  1. Aurora Products

Having started out as a small brand in 1998, Aurora Products Inc have now grown to over 200 thanks to their transparency and dedication. They produce healthy and delicious granola, dried fruit, trail mixes and salad toppings. All with no added flavourings, additives or colors.

Aurora is leading by example in terms of sustainability as they use recycled plastics for their packaging. They also shut down their production plant during peak work hours to conserve energy.

Their delicious range can be found in most grocery stores, supermarkets and online.

  1. CT Valley Farms

CT Valley Farms is a USDA certified organic farm growing a colorful variety of crops. Their main goal is to connect their consumers at their farmers markets on Sundays at the Coventry Farmers market. If you’re in need of organic fruits and vegetables companies around Connecticut, this is your spot.

  1. Four Root Farm

A delightful farm in East Haddam, Four Root Farm is an organic fruits and vegetables farm dedicated to nourishing their community. On their fives acres of land they cultivate vegetables, flowers and berries.

They employ farming practices that are USDA organic. They work to enhance the soil health and so they apply crop rotation and they don’t use any chemicals or additives, before and after harvest. You can find them set up at farmer’s markets in the New Haven area.

  1. Farm To Table Foods

Farm To Table Foods is a food company dedicated to delivering the tastiest and purest porridge oats. They make hearty, organic porridge to make you feel like you’re back at the family breakfast table.

Certified USDA organic, they’ve managed to turn an old classic into an artisanal style of oatmeal. Their porridge oats are available in original blend, maple and brown sugar, apple raisin and whole grain and oatmeal.

  1. Farming 101

Located in Newtown, Farming 101 is a certified organic farm that grows nutritious fruits and vegetables. They are especially renowned for their heirloom tomatoes.

Their mission is to nourish the local community with their healthy produce whilst also looking out for the environment by using low-impact farming practices to maintain the health of the soil.

  1. Forest City Farms

Forest City Farms is a small family-owned farm found in the river valley of central Connecticut. Since 2014 they’ve been cultivating heirloom vegetables, cooking herbs and flowers.

Their goal has always been to provide the local community with the best quality organic produce. Using natural and sustainable practices, they make sure to implement biodynamic practices and strictly use no pesticides or insecticides.

  1. Fort Hill Farm

As you can tell from this list, USDA Organic certified food companies in Connecticut are aplenty.

Fort Hill Farm grows their certified organic vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers in high volumes on 20 acres. Their farmland also supplies a 300-share Community Supported Agriculture program.

The farm has two wells drilled to supply irrigations, as well as having installed state of the art greenhouses and solar panels. The farm is open for the public to explore in New Milford.

  1. Gifts Of Love Inc.

Gifts Of Love Inc is an organic community farm with a goal to help people in need. The organization is dedicated to running educational programs and growing produce to then be donated.

According to the authorities, one in four children in Connecticut live in poverty, coming from families that don’t qualify food assistance. Over the years, the organization has touched the lives of thousands of people, providing them with USDA organic produce and advice on how to achieve financial independence.

  1. Smet Productions

Rainforest Alliance Certified food companies in Connecticut state like Smet Productions are pushing the envelope for environmentally friendly coffee capsules. With their Smile Beverage Werks capsules, they’ve found a way to produce delicious fair trade coffee with compostable packaging.

The company realized that something had to be done about the tons of waste produced every year by disposable coffee capsules. As well as using the best tasting coffee from around the world for their capsules, they have achieved to create commercially compostable pods.

  1. The Farmer’s Cow

A group of six family-owned farms, The Farmer’s Cow is dedicated to putting Connecticut on the map for agriculture. They produce organic milk, butter cream eggs and ice cream. The company encourages the public to visit their farms so they can see for themselves how dairy products are made.

The Farmer’s Cow also gives on-site tours to demonstrate their sustainable farming practices. Having earned Rainforest Alliance certification, it’s important for them to preserve the land and protect the natural habitat.

  1. This Bar Saves

This Bar Saves was founded with the goal of combating child hunger. As well as this, their bars are healthy, non-GMO, gluten free and come in three delicious flavours.

Kristen Bell, one of the company’s co-founders, wanted to find a way to give back and help lighten some of the suffering in the world. For every granola bar purchased, a malnourished child receives a packet of life-saving food.

Available in ten scrumptious flavours including dark chocolate caramel, almond mocha and madagascar vanilla almond and honey.


  1. Bigelow Tea

The Bigelow family has been making tea for three generations. As well as perfecting the perfect cup of tea, sustainability is at the heart of the operation. Continuing on their grandmother’s philosophy – “do the right thing and good things will follow”, the family strives to give back.

Serious about protecting the environment, Bigelow Tea’s energy use all comes from renewable sources, 95% of their waste is diverted from landfills and they use 100% recycled packaging.

  1. Williston Keurig Green Mountain

Williston Keurig is a coffee roasting company with the mission of producing the finest coffee from blends, beans, flavoured coffee to teas. Certified Rainforest Alliance, the company had simple principles engrained from the start.

The company roasts at its own facility, working to develop the full flavour of all their coffees, as well as placing a high importance on transparency and customer service.

  1. Shearwater Coffee Roasters

Shearwater Coffee is an organic coffee roaster that makes artisanal coffee. The owners have built organic coffee into their business’ core values because they assure their customers that going organic is essential to guarantee the best quality coffee.

Owner Ed Freeman assures that coffee beans grown without pesticides tastes richer, as well as being better for us and the environment. Supporting FairTrade USA and sustainable farming, it’s no surprise that the brand has received the USDA organic seal.

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