Sustainable Strategy, Procurement, and Digital Transformation

Sustainable Strategy

Digital transformation is changing procurement | | in many ways, and the ramifications for sustainable strategy are tremendous. A combination of technologies is changing supply chains and procurement by making them more efficient, more responsive to consumer needs, and generally more integrated and networked. 
These technologies include artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the internet of things. Together, they are producing a world of procurements in which supply chain partners are better linked, decision making relies more heavily on data, and efficiency can be improved across industries. 
What all of these things have in common is the ability to make better use of information across the supply chain. This is the secret to understanding their ramifications for sustainability. 
Two different fashion and retail industry seminars | | taking place in Europe in March will highlight digital transformation and sustainability in the supply chain, among other things. The first of these will be hosted by PTC, First Insight, and Kalypso in Stockholm, Sweden on the 4th of March. The second will be on the 17th of March, in London. 
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