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The Brands and Supply Chain Behind Your Pima Cotton Sheets

Supply Chain Behind Your Pima Cotton Sheets

As well as this, it has a reputation for being more durable than normal cotton. Pima cotton originated in Peru and is now also farmed in the United States.

Let us walk you through some of the certified brands that are behind this opulent material.


Creditex is a textile manufacturing company, with prime vertical integration in Peru. Leading in creativity and innovation, Creditex is fully invested in each step of the production process. Internationally recognized for its optimal quality of organic cotton, their professionals and specialized technicians work with state-of-the-art technology to achieve the highest quality pima cotton.

The company is engaged in responsible business management as well as environmental stewardship. They meet with COTTON USA standards on waste management and national requirements on environmental issues. In addition, they use natural gas for their steam generation and combustion processes in order to reduce carbon emissions.

Their premium Supima cotton fabrics are made with only the best raw materials and the finest trimmings. Supima is an even more refined version of pima cotton, meaning that its fibers are stronger, softer and more resistant.

Iskur Group

Iskur Tekstil was established in 1990 and quickly became one of Turkey’s top 500 businesses for its production of premium cotton. Having started out as a family-run company, Iskur has passed down its knowledge to expand their global sales network and now exports to over 75 countries worldwide.

The company produces top-knot pima cotton fabrics with their cutting-edge technology and their team of 4,500 production workers trained to deliver excellent standards of the finest supima cotton.

Concerned with sustainable practices, Iskur makes sure to carry out all transactions within an ethical framework, respecting the rights of their employees and complies with COTTON USA specifications.


As a leading manufacturer of spun yarns worldwide, Parkdale has always strived for excellence. They deliver excellent customer service and yarn quality through their commitment to premium cotton production.

Meeting with COTTON USA standards, sustainability and environmental responsibility is at the centre of Parkdale’s operations. They’ve innovated their production methods to reuse packaging and byproducts. Fibers left over from the spinning process are used to make swabs, cotton-buds and cleansing pads.

The company is dedicated to constantly improving in order to provide the highest quality pima cotton. With a goal to craft the world’s finest materials, the company relies on a culture to challenge conventional methods to ensure the most effective spinning processes.

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