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The History of Fashion Shows

Fashion shows have been around for a very long time and take place all over the world. These are where designers make clothes for the upcoming season to display on models walking down a catwalk. The biggest fashion shows of today occur in New York, Paris and London.

Fashion shows are some of the biggest events that take place in a year and famous celebrities attend them around the world. Being photographed at such an event is great publicity for them and also adds weight to the popularity of a certain designer. The first ever to have taken place is unknown but the earliest dated to have happened was in the 1800’s and was known as a fashion parade. This was taken place in a Paris couture salon and occurred on a regular basis.

Although these parades started out in Paris, American soon got hold of them in the 1900’s and imported this impressive concept. The first ever American fashion show is said to have taken place in 1903 in New York City. They were held in single stores and as time progressed many big department stores decided to have their own taken place. They took the idea from Pairs, but also took some of their clothing styles so they could attract female shoppers’ attention with this different kind of trend.

Fashion shows of today are quite serious matters with minimal backgrounds and not really any themes to reflect the type of clothing which has been chosen. However, the early shows were more like theatrical events which were presented with a narration. In the 1960’s and 70’s designers took these parades into their own hand and instead of having them held for fun in department stores they decided to use them for business purposes. Having these take place privately meant they ended up using unsafe and not very secure locations. Designers wanted these to happen but certainly did not want to risk their lives for it!

Since these early fashion show days, the popularity of them rapidly grew, but as we know them today it has only been like this for roughly a decade. 1993 was the first year that designers gave up on trying to hold private fashion events and decided to show them to the world in safe environments. From this shows are national events and are even televised and put into documentaries so that everybody can view them worldwide.

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