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The largest climatic event ever recorded in France | Climates Changes

The largest climatic event ever recorded in France
  • DiscountingSaturday 13th October 2018 – This Saturday, more than 60 climate marches are being organized again throughout France. See places and times of rallies on this map. Reporter he will be in Marseille and I will tell you about it on Monday.

Saturday 8 September took place the “ world climate action day », Launched with the slogan #Riseforclimate by the organization Each year around this time organizes a series of climate actions around the world. Almost simultaneously, the Global Climate Action Summit, a world summit on climate action, will open in San Fransico, California from 12 to 14 September.

#Riseforclimate, so nearly 650 actions and thousands of meetings were held in more than 80 countries, including France, to ask that local and world leaders be involved in the fight against global warming and initiate a transition from fossil fuels to energy renewable.

The call to walk for the climate , launched on the sidelines of the international movement by Maxime Lelong in response to the speech given by Nicolas Hulot during his resignation, was a great success.

A total of over 130,000 people in France and nearly 50,000 in Paris responded to the call, which now makes it the largest climate event ever organized in France.

Saturday 8 September 2018, in Paris.

It is 2 pm when I arrive in the square of the Town Hall, the meeting point and starting point of the walk. People are gradually coming, the first signs appear and the “ makeshift organizers »Organize what needs to be.

15:30 A concert, a collective exhibition and a few speeches after, the square and the surrounding streets are black with people. The march has been heading towards Place de la République for some time, but the square is always full.

I listened to the interview with Nicolas Hulot, who touched me deeply and made me aware of the situation

A joyful, electric and singular atmosphere reigns in the crowd. It’s a highlight and everyone knows it. Because it is above all a city march organized by a citizen for the citizens. It is a mobilization that affects everyone, without exception, and that brings together the divisions that our society can experience. There are people of all ages, all social classes, all political groups …

There are confirmed environmentalists who have been campaigning for more than 40 years and then there are those who take to the streets for the first time, who for whom the torrid summer and the speech of the now former minister Nicolas Hulot were a trigger in the awareness of the climate emergency.

I listened to Nicolas Hulot’s interview, which touched me deeply and made me aware of the situation. We know that, for the moment, we cannot leave it to the politicians and that it is therefore up to us collectively to take responsibility for this fight. , says Anne-Marie, 64.

Saturday 8 September 2018, in Paris.

There are also young parents: We are here today because we want our children to have a future “, a couple replies when I ask them why they came for a walk today. They add: We also had to realize that we are not alone in having these values ​​and wanting things to change.

There are those whose children are already very old, but they feel just as worried. Then there are the children themselves, the famous future generations. Some shout: And one, two and three degrees, it’s a crime against humanity.

While some protesters are skeptical of the repercussions of this march, for others it is a symbol of hope. Many citizens present during the march hope that it will mark a turning point, a starting point for political commitment.

It remains to be seen whether the enthusiasm for this march will continue and whether its appeal will be heard by policy makers and Emmanuel Macron.



September 8 also marked the start of a week of action against financial circles under the slogans and hashtags #PasAvecNotreArgent and #PasUnEuroDePlus, meaning not an extra euro for the fossil fuel industry. The largest private banks and public institutions that continue to finance toxic industries and practice tax evasion will be targeted throughout the week. The week will end on September 15, the 10th anniversary of the fall of the investment bank Lehman Brothers, the height of the financial crisis. This week of action is organized by the European coalition # 10Years, which brings together more than 60 organizations demanding control over finance.

It is in this context that the association Les Amis de la Terre organized a wave of non-violent actions against 40 branches of Société Générale, champion bank of dirty energies, on Saturday morning, September 8, throughout France. It finances fossil fuels and many devastating projects for the environment. In Paris, 33 activists took part in one of three agencies targeted in the capital. For nearly 30 minutes, the agency became the scene of a humorous scene in which activists broke into the premises, armed with sponges, rags, rags and soaps to clean the bank in front of the astonished, perplexed or amused eyes of employees and customers.

The association demands that the bank change its policy towards its industries and in particular stop supporting the Rio Grande project LNG in Texas.

If it does not do so very soon, we are calling for mass action and a large operation to clean up the Société Générale headquarters on December 14th. , warn Élodie and Cécile, spokesperson for the action.

Source: Fanny Dollberg for Reporter

Images : © Fanny Dollberg /Reporter

. chapô: Saturday 8 September 2018, in Paris.


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