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The Manufacturers and Suppliers Behind Your Sustainable Denim

Denim and denim manufacturers and suppliers

We’re going to walk you through the manufacturers and suppliers in the industry that are an example to follow for the rest of the world.

  1. Tavex


Tavex is a denim company that puts sustainability at the forefront of their business. The company has been in production for 150 years, so they are a textile force to be reckoned with. They offer denim products of the highest quality with a wide range of jeans to choose from.

Based in Mexico, their vision is to ultimately be recognized in the US market as a leading innovator of sustainable fashion. Their sustainable denim is certified by COTTON USA and more.


  1. Advance Denim Co, LTD

Advance Denim Co, LTD is a chinese manufacturer founded in 1987 that centers its core beliefs around sustainability, people and quality. As the oldest denim mill in China today, they supply organic denim to renowned brands all over the globe.

Advance was the first mill in China to adopt organic fiber on a large scale. Their focus sustainability has led them to achieving many certifications including the Better Cotton Initiative and the Organic Content Standard.


  1. Artistic Denim Mills LTD

Based in Pakistan, Artistic Denim Mills LTD are proud to state that they are the world’s leading supplier of premium denim fabrics. Having started in 1993, they have consistently provided high-end clients with the finest quality denim.

They make sure to be fully compliant with environmental quality standards and have received certifications including the Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX.

  1. Calik Denim A.S.

Calik Denim A.S.’s slogan is “Passion for denim, passion for life.” This certainly rings true as they have been leading the denim industry with both commercial and innovative fabrics. This Turkish company offers a gorgeous range of denim cotton jeans made sustainably with organic fabrics.

Their vision is to transform the impact that denim has on our life and to become a leading brand in the textiles industry.


  1. KG Denim Limited

Another premium denim manufacturer is KG Denim Limited which supplies to major fashion brands all over the world. Their state-of-the-art facilities enable them to put both quality and sustainability at the forefront of their business.

With certifications such as GOTS and Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX, they believe in enabling the fashion industry to move forward in sustainable production.


  1. Kassim Denim

Since 1991, Kassim Denim has been another strong contender in the denim industry. They produce a beautiful assortment of fabrics made organically. With the growing demand for the textile industry to go sustainable, they set out to answer the call.

They believe the best material is the one that Mother Nature made herself. Their cotton is sown, grown and harvested naturally earning them organic certification.


  1. Envoy Textiles Limited

Envoy Textiles Limited has set out to be the most trusted denim fabric manufacturer by producing in a more ethical manner. They practice responsible sourcing and adhere to organic standards. They have achieved the COTTON USA and Better Cotton Initiative standards for their product quality and push for innovation.


  1. LNJ Denim

LNJ Denim is one of the world’s top denim manufacturers with a high-quality range of jeans on offer. They are committed to updating their technologies to keep the environment green and their business stable.

They use eucalyptus from sustainably managed plantations for their denim fibre.

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