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The Pathway to Achieving “Clean Beauty”

The Pathway to Achieving "Clean Beauty"
With the rising popularity of Clean Beauty, the definition seems to differ between industry experts and consumers.

Whereas consumers seem to understand the term as merely “non-toxic ingredients”, experts tell us that when it comes to production, it goes much further than this.

The typical understanding of Clean Beauty seems to be that a product is made without certain ingredients. The issue is that every brand’s definition of what is clean seems to be different and each of them chooses what set of ingredients to formulate. So, what does it really mean for beauty products to be truly deemed “organic”?


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If you’re interested in finding out what makes “cleaner” beauty practices and learning more about what sustainable beauty really means, then make sure to sign up to attend our webinar “The Pathway to Achieving Clean Beauty” on January 19th at 5:00pm CET.


The webinar boasts an illustrious panel of experts from the industry. The chief compliance officer of Viseart Paris Mattias Sparrow will be moderating the discussion. The director of NATRUE Mark Smith, Abi Leeds, the owner of Odylique, the market manager of Roelmi HPC Andrea Maltagliati  and Jo Chidley, the owner of Beauty Kitchen. This is a panel with lengthy experience in both the beauty and Clean Beauty industry with vast knowledge of clean cosmetics.


They’ll be discussing what they believe to be the “true” definition of Clean Beauty, who are the most innovative brands pushing the envelope in the market right now and what they can do to bridge the gap between the industry’s understanding of what Clean Beauty is and that of the consumer.


The panel of speakers believe that it is crucial that consumers understand the complete process of product, from idea conception, to production and packaging. Something that we can often see happening, simultaneously with the rising popularity of the movement, is that many companies and brands in the industry are slapping the name “sustainable” or “organic” on a product, but upon a little further investigation this is just used as a clever marketing ploy. These terms are often used as buzzwords in order to create more hype around the product.


In this webinar, hot topics are discussed such as what the most creative sustainable brands are doing right and how we can learn from them as companies ourselves. More and more, we can see that the innovation is being driven with the safety of the consumer in mind, and so this is an example for other companies to follow. Informative to both brands and consumers, this is a discussion that will be beneficial to a wide audience.


Right now, the market is full of products claiming to be “clean”, but finding Clean Beauty brands that are organic and sustainable takes a bit of work, especially if consumers are new to non-toxic beauty.

The emphasis needs to be put on how organic brands can be made more transparent to the consumer and more accessible in relation to consumers and their standards, which the panel takes on in this webinar.


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