Last News about Sustainability and Ethical Brands Environment Climate Torrential rains in Japan, more than a hundred dead | Climates Changes

Torrential rains in Japan, more than a hundred dead | Climates Changes

Torrential rains in Japan, more than a hundred dead

Rescuers worked on Monday 9 July to find missing people in neighborhoods completely covered with mud and in the rubble of houses in western Japan, where at least 100 people have already died after torrential rains.

Faced with the gravity of the situation, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has decided to cancel a tour scheduled for Wednesday in Belgium, France, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

87 people died and 13 in cardiac and respiratory arrest (an expression that means their death certificate has not yet been signed), spokesman Yoshihide Suga said Monday at a news conference. .

In the city of Kumano, huge landslides swept away houses that were nothing more than piles of wood, journalists from theAFP.

The scorching sun was beginning to dry the mud. Equipped with construction machinery, shovels or chainsaws, the rescuers were looking for traces of a dozen missing residents.

Almost everywhere, returning to their damaged homes after the rain stopped, residents began to realize the extent of the disaster, with entire neighborhoods drowned, houses upside down, cars lying totally in the craters of the streets. collapsed, gigantic landslides, blown bridges and other scenes of desolation.

In Kurashiki city (Okayama province), yesterday the rescuers moved with boats due to the extent of the flooding, but today the water is gradually receding and if the level drops enough they will be able to access the most affected areas by road or on foot , he explained toAFP a spokesperson for the Okayama Prefecture Disaster Management Office by telephone.

It is one of the most serious disasters of its kind in Japan in recent years, with the number of victims now exceeding that recorded during the landslides in Hiroshima in 2014, with 74 deaths.

The high alert state was lifted everywhere Sunday all day, but lower level alerts are maintained.

It is an abnormal situation “, an official from the meteorological agency Yasushi Kajiwara insisted during a press conference on Sunday. Rainfall between Friday and Sunday reached records at 93 observation points in 14 prefectures.

Up to 5 million people have been asked to evacuate in total, but these orders are not binding and sometimes when the water rose very quickly it could be more risky to try to escape than to get out. take refuge on its roof.


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