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USA Flags and What Are They Made Of?

Finding the best USA Flag for the display that you have in mind can be a bit trickier than you might think at first glance. You’ll want to account for a couple of factors such as function, location and weather conditions for the desired destination where you want the flag to be displayed.

Based on that, we’ve decided to take a look at the different types of materials which are used for making typical USA flags. Let’s have a look.


One of the least expensive and most versatile flag fabrics is poly-cotton. Flags made of this material combine the beauty of cotton with the durability of polyester. These flags are light-weight and good for residential display or occasional commercial or municipal display. Due to their low cost, these flags are popular with municipalities when they place a large number of flags on display for national holidays.


The classic flag-making material is cotton. It has a rugged appearance, a significant weight and vivid colors. USA flags made of this material are excellent when it comes to indoor display where they won’t get exposed to the elements. This will protect their rather conventional as well as fragile texture and appearance. They are not as durable as other material types listed below and, as such, won’t perform well if left outside.

Printed Nylon

Another great option for municipalities and businesses looking to display a large number of American flags for brief periods is printed nylon. These US flags are typically made of light-weight nylon which has a nice sheen when new. They are light enough to fly in almost any breeze. The stars and stripes are printed directly onto the flag material. However, due to their low cost, these flags will generally be best for indoor display, or short-term outdoor display.

Sewn Nylon

Probably the most popular all-around flag material, sewn nylon is durable and beautiful. As the name implies, USA flags made of sewn nylon are constructed with pieces of factory-dyed (as opposed to printed) nylon that is cut and sewn together. They are an ideal choice for outdoor display because they are extremely durable while also being light enough to fly in most breezes. If you are looking for durable and beautiful US flag, sewn nylon flags are hard to beat.

Lightweight Printed Polyester

Another inexpensive flag-material is printed polyester. It is very light and very low cost. Flags made of this material very often come from countries other than the US. For that reason, many customers don’t feel that they are true American flags. Best for occasional or indoor display, these flags can be a very affordable choice when cost is the most important deciding factor in material selection.

Ply Sewn Polyester

This is the longest-lasting material commonly used in flag-making. As the name implies this is a heavy-duty, course weave fabric that is somewhat stiff to the touch. It is intended to maintain the integrity of the flag for a long time, even when exposed to harsh outdoor conditions. However, because of the additional weight, USA flags made of 2-ply polyester should be used only in areas where there are frequent strong winds. Otherwise they will spend most of their time simply hanging down on the pole and not flying – which is what flags are meant to do!

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