With all of the fast changing technology we have been able to build things with in a more efficient environmentally clean fashion. No longer are we forced to use materials and products that can hurt the environment.

We live in a fast changing world with technology improving faster than we can keep up with. We have been able to use recycled materials and other more environmentally designed products that make living in a home safer and environmentally friendly. because of the fast changing technology.

LEED is an acronym for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. So when you see the word LEED certified it means that the building or project that is being worked on is approved through the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. There job is to help developers and builders create more environmentally sustainable homes. With limited sources in today’s world we can’t be complacent when it comes to sustainability.

Not only are precious resources at stake but our poor environment is also at risk. If we don’t start reducing our carbon footprint, than there will come a day when it might be too late. With the spread of pollution causing diseases and cancer we must build cleaner buildings to help provide a cleaner environment.

Being LEED certified is not the easiest task. Most of the criteria are based on how eco-friendly the home is. There are many different ratings systems based on the different projects. If you want your home to be LEED certified, do your best to keep everything green and low in emissions. If you can reduce the carbon footprint in your buildings than you might be able to earn the LEED certification.

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