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Technology now plays a major role in the fashion industry, from initial design to clothing manufacturing. A valuable way technology is used is through something called CAD and CAM software. Pens and paper maintain their importance in fashion design. However, the convenience of copy-pasting, reshaping, and drafting overlays of the initial sketches add a much greater level of detail for efficiency, as well as allowing further creative dabbling with color, patterns, and shapes.

What IS CAD and CAM?

Computer-aided design (CAD) is simply the use of computers to design things, from vehicles to apparel. It can do so in two-dimensional flat (2D) and three-dimensional space (3D), helping to provide an enhanced idea of how the design will look from all angles. In fashion, CAD software is a computer-aided graphic design tool for creating digital fashion sketches, garment design, artwork, and other elements related to the design of apparel and footwear. The intention of fashion design software is to help designers create digital fashion blueprints that communicate their concept of how a design should look once manufactured.

Computer-aided manufacture (CAM) is a software usually used alongside CAD. After a designer finishes their design process using CAD software, it can then be transferred to a CAM system, which allows increased automation in the manufacturing process.

How is CAD / CAM software used in clothing design and manufacturing?

Many textile and fashion designers now use CAD/CAM software. The designer might begin by hand-drawing a few sketches of their garment. Then, they scan the images into a computer and begin using CAD. This software is used to modify design drafts and make changes to the garment.

Depending on what type of textile a designer wants to create, they might use different types of CAD software. There is software for general textile design as well as creating knitted and printed fabrics. There is also software for illustration and sketch pad applications that allow a person to draw freehand directly on the computer. Some programs can even design embroidery patterns.

The technology helps in many areas including initial specifications through to print, pattern, and final product production. It enables fashion brands to recreate realistic drawings, showing exact pattern requirements such as seams, print placement, fabric cuts, and color.

Concerning the manufacturing process, digital and roller printing, laser cutters, and embroidery machines can now be fully automated and controlled by computer-aided manufacture (CAM). For example, a laser cutter is a quick method to cut out fabric pieces by directing a high-power laser beam, which then either melts or burns it, leaving a precise cut edge or engraved patterns on the surface of the fabric.

CAD / CAM Software is being used by:

  • Fashion Labels

  • Fashion Designers

  • Clothing Line Start-Ups

  • Costume Designers

  • Fashion Students

  • Fashion Teachers / Fashion Design Classes

  • Fashion Merchandisers

  • Pattern Makers

  • Textile Designers

  • Apparel Manufacturers

  • Aspiring Fashion Designers

CAD / CAM Software is being used for: 

  • Creating Digital Fashion Sketches & Fashion Illustrations

  • Tech Packs

  • Portfolios

  • Designing Fashion Collections

  • Digital Samples / Digital Prototypes

  • Storyboards

  • Lookbooks

  • Technical Drawings

  • Pattern making

  • Label Design & Other Branding Related Artwork

  • Conceptual Development / Prototype Development

  • Digital and roller printing

  • Automated laser cutters

  • Automated embroidery machines

In many fashion apprenticeships and degree courses, classical methods of design are still taught, however, this new technology has been added to the curriculum. This blend of artistic creative abilities and technological innovation is improving the translation of fashion design to the manufacturing stage.

Advantages of using CAD software used in clothing designs

Reduces production costs and speeds up the production cycle – CAD software can streamline design and production time. This enables small businesses to work quickly and more accurately to save costs.

Reduces design mistakes – Designs can be easily understood to reduce the likelihood of mistakes or miscommunication.

Relatively simple skill – Fashion design software is easy to implement, and there are many courses available to improve your skills. It also depends on the level of training that comes with the program or that is required to be successful with the program. The learning curve of various fashion design software will differ from vendor to vendor.

No artistic ability required – Most CAD software programs work with vectors meaning drawing skills aren’t required and they can all create professional fashion sketches and apparel designs.


Advantages of Using CAM Software Used in Clothing Manufacturing

Saves time and money in the manufacturing process – By using CAM technology, a lot of important and laborious processes such as cutting and sewing processes can be done within a short time frame in a smooth and effortless way.

Improves efficiency and increases output – By saving time and money, this improves efficiency, therefore improving customer satisfaction

Allows workers to retrain in more interesting roles – Automation has meant that people have been replaced in many areas by machines. However, in many sectors, workers can be retrained in other more interesting roles in different niches in the fashion sector.


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