Last News about Sustainability and Ethical Brands Green business Why is the issue of sustainability important for development ?

Why is the issue of sustainability important for development ?

Why is the issue of sustainability important for development ?

A global challenge, sustainable development involves different issues, on different scales, from the individual to public policies.

Applicable by everyone, at family, individual or local scale, sustainable development invites us to ask ourselves the question of the consequences of each of our habits. They have consequences for the economy, for the planet and for the people who live there.

Thus, the first actions for sustainable development go through small daily gestures, in the economy of natural resources – heating, water, electricity -, in the preservation of the environment – recycling, rational use of household products -, in their consumption habits – buying local products, using reusable bags -… Without modifying their entire lifestyle, a few small habits can change a lot of things!

At their level, companies are increasingly interested in sustainable development, and for good reason! The consequences of such an approach are also beneficial on an economic level.

A Green Business for Green Money

A company that takes care of the environment as well as of its actors is a company that has more economic value: it proves its ability to ensure long-term activity, this is what is called its intangible capital.
In addition, by limiting its consumption of energy and raw materials, it can reduce its production costs, in order to then offer more attractive prices.

Better integration into the local economic fabric, better image for the company, better performance … the economic benefits of a sustainable approach to the business are numerous! What would sustainable development be without a global player, to organize actions on a larger scale, over the longer term? For public actors – States, territorialities, etc. – it is a question of setting up global management to bring together and encourage more local initiatives. Funding and investment, protection and awareness, education and information… public policies have a role to play at local and international level.

Everyone can therefore act for a sustainable approach to development. The survival of the planet and its inhabitants is at stake. And because all the “small” gestures around the world can change everything, Klorane Botanical Foundation values ​​local actors, in particular through its partnership with the UNESCO Green Citizens program.

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