Zagis and COTTON USA: Trust, Innovation, and Sustainability

Zagis and COTTON USA: Trust

Together, some 18,000 American farmers have been producing cotton sustainably in the past four decades. Thanks to their commitment to constant effort and innovation, they have reduced their use of water by 82%, their use of energy by 38%, and their emission of greenhouse gases by 30%. 
Global warming is one of the most important concerns facing humanity today. Companies that undertake to reduce the impact of climate change are working to benefit everyone across the world.
Toward that end, the cotton companies of the United States | Learn more on Commonshare | have created the US Cotton Trust Protocol, a series of regulations that govern their activities to ensure sustainability and the production of cotton that is practically free from contamination.
COTTON USA | Learn more on Commonshare | believes in producing cotton using today’s most sustainable methods of precision agriculture.
Using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), farmers in the United States can map fields to identify where water or products are needed to help protect crops and apply them there, reducing the overall consumption. 
COTTON USA | Learn more on Commonshare |farmers | Learn more on Commonshare |also facilitate soil conservation through no-till techniques.
More and more, consumers are demanding practices like these, demanding that companies take concrete action to help stem the impact of climate change by producing more sustainable products for a greener future. 
Cotton production in the United States is expected to meet strict standards of sustainability. It is already regulated as if it were food, with constant and strict supervision. Every bale that arrives at a textile factory can be traced back to its origin, meaning it is possible to know where the cotton comes from and how and when it was harvested. 
COTTON USA | Learn more on Commonshare | extends recognition to the sustainability commitments of every company it licenses, and Zagis | Learn more on Commonshare | is case in point. This family business was founded in 1956, and has sixty years of experience in spinning, knitting, dyeing, and sewing all kinds of fabrics. 
Today Zagis | Learn more on Commonshare | is the largest yarn seller in Mexico, and the company works closely with its suppliers to help them to adapt to new fashion trends and more efficient delivery times. 
The use of American cotton is one of the secrets to Zagis | Learn more on Commonshare |’s success, since only American cotton can help Zagis | Learn more on Commonshare | fulfill its commitment to be one of the best in the world for uniformity of fibers and for excellence in textile production. 
Zagis | Learn more on Commonshare | works every day with absolute respect for nature. Since the beginning of 2020, all facilities have been operating with 100% renewable energy, with some of this energy produced by two hydroelectric plants located in the state of Veracruz. 
Together, Zagis | Learn more on Commonshare | and COTTON USA | Learn more on Commonshare | are working to leave the planet a sustainable heritage. 

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